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Get Apple Watch 5, Watch SE Free Repairs for Charging Issue



Repairs can cost a lot. Some Apple Watch users recently reported that their Apple Watch 5 and Apple Watch SE devices would not charge. It is the case for users with watchOS 7.2 or 7.3. When they charge their Apple smart watch, it won’t charge after entering the Power Reserve mode.

Apple will be giving free repairs for affected Apple Watch 5 and Apple Watch SE users. Only those who are qualified can receive the free charging issue repair through Apple Support.

How to Know If Your Apple Watch 5 or Apple Watch SE Won’t Charge

To know if your Apple Watch 5 or Apple Watch SE is not charging or affected by the charging issue, you should try to charge it as usual. Place your Apple Watch on the charger. A green lightning bolt should appear. It means that your Apple Watch is charging. A red lightning bolt indicates that your Watch needs to be charged.


Let your Apple Watch charge for at least 30 minutes. If after the allocated time the battery level is still the same, it means your Apple Watch is not charging and you might be eligible for a free fix.

Credit: Angus Gray/Unsplash

How to Fix Apple Watch is Not Charging Issue

Users affected by the charging problem can contact Apple Support for help. They can set a schedule to have their Apple Watch repaired for free.

In addition, Apple also recently released a new version of the watchOS that may have the solution to fix the charging issue. Apple released version v7.3.1 to help solve the charging problem while also preventing other users from experiencing the same error.


First, install the latest version of your Apple Watch OS. After updating your Watch OS, place it on the charger and let it charge for 30 minutes. It should fix the charging error.

However, if your Apple Watch is still not charging, you can contact Apple Support to schedule and get your free repair.

Credit: Apple

How to Download & Install Apple Watch OS v7.3.1 Update

Before you download the latest version of your Apple Watch OS, make sure to connect it to the Internet.

  • On your Apple Watch, tap General.
  • Go to Software Update.
  • The app will search for available updates. Once an update appears, tap Download and Install.

Note that Apple Support will still verify if you are eligible for the free repair or not. Did the update resolve your Apple Watch charging error? Did you avail of the free repair offered by Apple for your iWatch? How was it? We would love to know your experience, so drop us a comment below.


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