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How to Deactivate & Delete your Kik Account Permanently



Online connection should be nothing short of security. With so many people trying to connect, the line becomes thinner, and even children become vulnerable. There are instances when perpetrators are lurking around and watching out for opportunities to do their way.

Kik is a free messaging app that now has several issues concerning online security. The app is available on Android and iOS, and a lot of children use it to communicate with their friends. Unfortunately, it also opens the door for unwanted personas to get in contact with the kids. One way to put a stop to all these problems is to delete your Kik account profile permanently.

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Reasons to Remove your Kik Messenger Account Now

Kik is similar to free messaging apps like WhatsApp and Viber. But, it lacks the security feature that users need to keep their messaging private and secured. It does not have parental controls, which is crucial if kids are also using the messenger app.

There is also the issue of lacking proper encryption on messages. All your messages are visible to the service, which hackers can intercept easily. There is no guaranteed privacy on the user’s end.

The social messaging app also does not provide any identity verification. Anyone can use the app without any valid email address or phone number. Such a situation makes it easy for scams and threats to happen.

Steps to Deactivate or Delete your Kik Account Permanently

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If you see enough reasons to remove your social account from Kik permanently, you can do it in a few steps. Check out below how you can delete your Kik account now.

  • Launch any web browser on your device.
  • Go to https://ws.kik.com/delete.
  • Enter your username and email address.
  • Next, click the drop-down arrow to choose your reason for leaving Kik. If you want to add more reasons, type them in the Additional info box provided.
  • Tick the box next to the Disclaimer.
  • Click the Go button.
  • Open your email account, and look for a message from Kik.
  • Read the message. If you still want to delete your Kik account, click the Permanently Deactivate button.

If you cannot delete your account from your kid’s account, you can contact Kik’s customer support and report your intent to remove the account. Go to¬†https://www.kik.com/contact/.

What is your main reason for deleting your Kik account permanently? You can share your story with us in the comment section below.



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