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How to Hide “Last Seen Online” Time Tracker in Telegram App



Sending messages online is a breeze, thanks to the advent of messaging apps. If you are using the Telegram app, you can deliver chat messages to your friends in real-time. You can add other users making it faster to communicate with other people.

You can download and install the Telegram app on Apple devices, Android phones and tablets, Windows 10, Mac and Linux computers. Now, whenever you are online on the social messaging app, other users can see your status and send you a message.

But, what if you don’t want other people to see when you last access the Telegram app? What if you only want your friends to view your current status? The Telegram app has a Last Seen Online Time Tracker, which updates your status of the time you were last actively online on the app.

There are four timestamps for the Last Seen Online Time Tracker. It depends on the number of days when you were last seen on the Telegram app.

  • Recently – zero to three days
  • Within a week – three to seven days
  • Within a month – seven days to one month
  • A long time ago – more than one month

If you don’t want other people to see your time status and be in control of your privacy on Telegram, you can easily hide or deactivate it.

How to Hide or Turn Off your Last Seen Online Status on Telegram App

The method to hide and disable the Last Seen Online status feature takes only a few steps. You can do the same procedure to turn off your last seen status for all devices, whether you are using the mobile app on an Android phone or iPhone, the desktop app on Windows 10, Macos or Linux computer.

Follow these steps:

  • First, launch the Telegram app on your mobile device or computer.
  • At the bottom of the screen, select the Settings menu.
  • Look for Privacy and Security.
  • Navigate to the Privacy header.
  • Choose Last Seen & Online.
  • Look for the section Who can see my timestamp.
  • Select from the three choices: Everybody, My Contacts, Nobody.
  • Now, go to Exceptions.
  • Edit your preferences.

Note that users you have blocked will not see the update of your timestamp even if you have enabled it.

To whom do you want to show your timestamp on the Telegram app? Are you showing it to everybody, your contacts, or nobody at all? You can share your reasons with us below.



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