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How to Delete or Remove Learned & Saved Words from Android Phone Keyboard



Texting and sending messages have been a part of our daily lives. But, it is sometimes good to have a little help around. For instance, you don’t have to type the entire word on your Android keyboard. The text prediction feature on your device will do it for you.

Gboard or the Google Keyboard easily adapts to new words that you enter on your Android device. Learning these words will enable it to show and autofill predictable texts the next time you type something. It is impressive, especially when you have to enter a long word. However, as much as it is helpful, it may also include misspelled words in your keyboard history that you may not notice.

Your Android predictive keyboard also learns and saves even the misspelled words you type. It may not matter much, but it can be annoying to see the wrongly spelled words sometimes. In some cases, you may choose the misspelled words over the right ones.


If you don’t want to view them on your Android keyboard history, you can always delete or clear these learned and saved words from your Samsung Galaxy or other Android phones you are using.

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How to Remove & Clear Saved or Learned Words from your Android Phone or Tablet Keyboard Predictive Text History

Fortunately, your Android device gives you the option to delete misspelled learned words from your Gboard. By using the Personal Dictionary option on your phone or tablet, you can remove and steer clear from these words at any time you want to type and compose a text message.

  • On your Android device, navigate to the Settings menu.
  • Scroll down and select System.
  • Tap Language & Input.
  • Go to Keyboard.
  • Now, choose Gboard.
  • Scroll down and tap the Dictionary.
  • Select Personal Dictionary.
  • Choose the language that you want.
  • You will then see and find all the saved learned words from your Gboard.
  • Take the time to check the spelling of the words and select the misspelled ones.
  • To delete them, click the Trash icon.

It is that easy. You may need some time to check each word, but it is worthwhile if you can see correctly spelled words on your prediction text when composing your message. Now, even when your family or friends borrow your mobile device, there are no misspelled words that you may be embarrassed about.

What are some of the most misspelled learned words that you have on your Android keyboard? Do you plan to delete or retain them? We value your opinion, so share them with us in the comment section below.

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