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How to Track & Find your IP Address on a Windows 11 PC



Your device has a unique identifier on the Internet called the IP address. Internet Protocol address or IP address has information about your computer and router device for network communications. It also differentiates your machine from other computers. 

IP addresses come in a set of numbers. You can identify your IP address when you see a set of three numbers in four groups separated by a period. Still, your IP address can change. For instance, you may be using a different network when traveling, or perhaps you have activated a VPN server. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or VPN service provider will assign you a different IP address.

There are times when you need to look and track for your IP address on your new Windows 11 PC. When you have problems with your computer hardware or need to fix network issues, you may need to know and access your IP address. You also need your IP address to set up a new network or permit someone for remote access.

If you need to find and locate your computer’s IP address on your Windows 11 device, follow the steps below.

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How to Locate and Track your IP Address on Windows 11 Computer

The steps to locating your device’s IP address on your Windows 11 PC are easy to follow. You can find either your local IP address or your external IP address. Check out both ways and procedures below.

Method #1 – Finding your Local IP Address via Windows 11 Settings Menu

  • Click the Start button on your Windows 11 PC.
  • Search for the Settings menu.
  • On the Settings menu, click Network & Internet.
  • Look for your primary network connection. Beside it, click Properties.
  • Scroll down through the information list and locate the IPv4 Address.
  • Beside the IPv4 Address, you will see your IP address.

Method #2 – Locating your Local IP Address via Windows 11 Command Prompt Tool

  • Another option is to launch the Command Prompt. 
  • Enter ipconfig.
  • Scroll down the list of network utilities and navigate to the Wireless LAN adapter or Ethernet adapter.
  • Look for IPv4 Address. Beside it is your IP address

Method #3 – Find your External IP Address via Web Browser

If you are looking for your external IP address, you can go ahead and open your web browser. Go to http://ifconfig.me, and you will see your IP address listed on the page.

Which procedure above is the best way for you to locate your IP address on your new Windows 11 computer? You can tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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