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How to Fix Cannot Login to Account Error in Clubhouse App



Social media apps are all the rage right now, from Facebook to Instagram, and Twitter, just to name a few. However, one app that has set itself apart from these big household names is none other than Clubhouse. 

Clubhouse is an exclusive social networking and chat app that works on a unique invite-only system on your iPhone or Android phone. Unlike other platforms, you won’t be able to join and use Clubhouse social drop-in audio chat app if you don’t receive an invite from one of its members. 

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But what if you suddenly can’t log in to your Clubhouse social media account on your mobile phone? Don’t worry because here are several tips on how to fix “Cannot login to account” error in Clubhouse app.

How to Troubleshoot Signing in Issues & Fix Cannot Login to Account Error Message in Clubhouse App

If you encounter the cannot login to account error message when signing in with your credentials on Clubhouse mobile app, follow the instructions below to help you troubleshoot the issue and fix it in no time.

The error messages might vary depending on the cause of why you were led to the error. Here are a couple variations that might pop-up:

“We are unable to sign you in. Please try again later.”


“There was an error logging you in. Please sign in again.”


Double-Check Your Phone Number

You can only sign in to your account in Clubhouse with the specific phone number that you used during the registration process. But believe it or not, some people often make the mistake of inputting the wrong number. 

To prevent this problem, always double-check and review your phone number first. It’s also recommended to confirm if you chose the right country or area code before you proceed. 

Once you have ensured that everything is correct, login to your account again and check if it fixed the issue. 

Confirm if There’s No Clubhouse Service Outage 

All apps use servers for their operation, and Clubhouse is no exception. If you ever encounter the “Cannot log in to account” error, there’s a possibility that the Clubhouse servers are down or the app itself is under maintenance. 

To rule out this cause, you can visit Clubhouse’s official Twitter handle, or you can also contact their customer support team.

The only bad news here is that if there is indeed an outage and the servers are done, there’s nothing else you can do at all. You need to wait until Clubhouse is back up again. 

Check Your Dual SIM Settings 

Are you using an iOS device with a dual SIM feature? If yes, then, this could be the reason for the error and you can fix it by tweaking some settings first. 

Every time you log in to your Clubhouse account, the app will send a confirmation code to your registered phone number. If you have a hard time logging in, make sure that the specific phone number is set on your device as your primary SIM. 

Here’s how you can change your device’s default number:

  1. Go to Settings on your device. 
  2. Click on Cellular and choose your preferred phone number. 
  3. Click on Cellular Plan Label then set this as Primary. 

Once you’re done, try re-logging into your Clubhouse account. 

Update Your App 

Updates are necessary for apps to function optimally and fix any bugs or errors. If you are encountering any issues with logging in to your account, you may be able to resolve the issue by making sure that your app is updated to the latest version. 

Wrapping It Up

Learning how to fix ‘Cannot login to account’ sign in error in Clubhouse app doesn’t take much effort on your part. Be sure to double-check your phone number, confirm an outage, check your dual SIM settings, and update the app so you can log in to your account and enjoy networking with your Clubhouse friends all over again!



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