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Fixing Google Chrome Won’t Show Notifications on Desktop Computer



Are you not getting any notifications when using the Google Chrome browser on your Windows 10 laptop or desktop PC? Sometimes, problems are coming from your Internet network connection, web browser version, or device that hinders you from receiving alerts and push notifications.

Notifications are crucial when you have a lot of things on your plate. So, if you have to get these notifications to not miss out on anything, you need to keep your Google Chrome notifications working.

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Ways to Troubleshoot & Fix Chrome Notifications Not Working & Won’t Show up on Windows Desktop or Laptop PC

If your Google Chrome notifications and alerts are not showing or appearing and completely not working right now, you can try to resolve the issue by following the solutions below. Depending on the cause of the browser error, each method may help you fix the problem on hand.

Solution #1 – Relaunch your Google Chrome Browser

The problem may be with your Chrome browser itself why it won’t show or appear any push notifications. A quick reboot of your browser will help refresh the connection and processes on Google Chrome. Quit your browser for a few seconds and relaunch it again.

Solution #2 – Make Sure you have a Reliable Internet Connection

Notifications pop up if you have a good network signal. Otherwise, no alerts will come out. See to it that your Internet connection is reliable. You can do a speed test to check it. If you have a poor network signal, you can improve it by restarting your router and modem. Another way is to elevate your router or place your device near it.

Solution #3 – Check if your Notification is Currently Set to Enable

  • On your Chrome browser, click the Lock icon beside the website on the address bar.
  • Look for Notifications.
  • Make sure to toggle the button to Enable.
  • If it is on, you can turn it off and on again.

Solution #4 – Disable Windows Focus Assist Feature

  • On your Windows PC, go to the Settings menu.
  • Select System.
  • Choose Focus Assist and turn it off.
  • For Mac users, navigate to the Control Center.
  • Select Focus and turn it off.
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Solution #5 – Allow Notifications on Google Chrome Settings

  • On your Google Chrome browser, click the three-dotted icon.
  • Select Settings.
  • Navigate to Privacy and Security.
  • Go to Site Settings.
  • Choose Notifications.
  • Turn on the Notifications option.
  • Check the websites and make sure to Allow the notifications.

Solution #6 – Check your PC Notifications Settings

  • On your Windows PC, navigate to the Settings menu.
  • Select System.
  • Go to Notifications.
  • Make sure to Enable the notifications on your device.
  • Next, go to the list of apps and senders.
  • Look for Google Chrome and toggle the button to on.
  • If you are using a Mac, click the Apple icon.
  • Navigate to System Preferences.
  • Select Notifications & Focus.
  • Look for Google Chrome and turn on the Allow Notifications button.

Solution #7 – Install Updates on your Google Chrome Browser

  • Click the three-dotted icon on your Chrome browser.
  • Navigate to Help.
  • Select About Google Chrome.
  • Wait for Chrome to look for available updates and install them.
  • Restart your Chrome browser.

Which of the methods above work for you in resolving the Google Chrome web browser notification issue? We love to hear your answers! You can share them with us below.



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