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How to Fix Apple Pencil Connected But Not Working or Unresponsive



Various tasks on the iPad sometimes call for a reliable stylus for efficiency and fun such as the official Apple Pencil. But, there are also instances when your Apple Pencil is not showing up on Bluetooth option and becomes unresponsive even when connected. The Apple stylus is not working properly and won’t write even after successfully pairing it with your iPad device.

There can be different reasons why you encounter a problem when using your Apple Pencil on iPadOS or iOS. Fortunately, you can try to fix the unresponsive issue with a few troubleshooting methods.

Fix Apple Pencil Connected to iPad But Not Working
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How to Resolve Apple Pencil Connected to iPad But Not Working Properly or Unresponsive

You can find below several solutions that will help you troubleshoot the error with your Apple Pencil on an iPad tablet. Follow each of the steps one at a time and check if it fixes the issue or not.

Solution #1 – Check if your Apple Pencil has Enough Battery

Sometimes, you may overlook the battery level of your Apple Pencil. Check if there is still enough battery on your Apple Pencil. If not, you can charge it via your iPad or lightning cable.

To check the battery level of your Apple Pencil, attach your Apple Pencil to your iPad via the magnetic connection. You will then see the battery indicator on the screen. For Apple Pencil 1st and 2nd generation, swipe left or right on the lock screen or home screen to open Today View. It will show the battery indicator.

To charge your Apple Pencil, take off the cap on the stylus. Insert it into your iPad. You can also place your Apple Pencil next to your iPad. Once it snapped into the device, it will begin charging.

Solution #2 – Turn your Bluetooth Off and On

  • Launch the Settings menu.
  • Go to Bluetooth.
  • Toggle the button to Off.
  • Wait for a few seconds.
  • Then, toggle the button to On.
  • Retry using your Apple Pencil.
  • You can also look for the Bluetooth icon on the main menu.
  • Tap it to turn off and retap it to turn on.

Solution #3 – Make Sure the Nib of your Apple Pencil is Tight

Check if the nib of your Apple Pencil is loose. You need to twist the tip to secure it in place and try again. If it does not work, you can replace it.

Solution #4 – Try to Re-Pair your Apple Pencil to your iPad

  • Launch the Settings menu of your iPad.
  • Select Bluetooth.
  • Navigate to My Devices and tap the letter i icon next to Apple Pencil.
  • Select Forget This Device.
  • Now, re-pair your Apple Pencil.
  • Plug your Apple Pencil into your iPad or place it to the side.
  • Tap the Pair button.

Solution #5 – Restart your iPad

Another method is to reboot your iPad. Turn the device off and wait for a few seconds. Turn it back on and try using your Apple Pencil again.

Solution #6 – Bring your Apple Pencil to an Official Apple Store

If nothing happens, you can bring your Apple Pencil and iPad to any Apple Store and have them both checked for hardware or software issues.

Did any of the methods above work in fixing the Apple Pencil error on iPad? You can tell us more in the comment section below.

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