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How to Fix Can’t Change Team Profile Picture on Microsoft Teams



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Does your Microsoft Teams profile team picture best represent your organization? It may not be on the top of your list to rack your brains on what appears as your team profile photo, icon, or logo. But, such an image offers identification of your team as a whole.

Not only will your Microsoft Teams collaboration look professional, but it also creates a sense of camaraderie and teamwork. It may also encourage and inspire your team members.

Changing the team or channel picture on Microsoft Teams takes only a few steps. But, keep in mind that only team owners can change the team logo. Team members may suggest what they want as an image. You can even make it a challenge as to who can give the best suggestion. But, team members can only view but not make any changes to the team picture settings.

Unfortunately, some team owners complained that they cannot change or save the image through the Microsoft Teams app or website. Sometimes, this error message appears even if their MS Teams account is already an old one:

“We’re still setting up your team, you can change your picture when we’re done.”

Fix We're still setting up your team, you can change your picture when we're done Problem in Microsoft Teams profile

Other users see this common error message:

“There was a problem saving the photo. Please try again.”

Fix There was a problem saving the photo Please try again Microsoft Teams Error

Note that the problem can be due to several factors. To resolve the issue, check out the solutions below.

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How to Troubleshoot & Fix the Problem if you Can’t Change or Save Team Profile Image on Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams allows you to create any team picture that will best represent your organization. It can be your company logo, a ready-made avatar, or a group picture.

If you are having trouble changing or uploading the image on your Microsoft Teams, you can try each of the methods below to fix the error.

Method #1 – Change the Size and Format of your Photo

Check the size of the photo that you want to upload. If it is 100×100 and above, you cannot add it to Microsoft Teams. Edit the image and reduce its size.

You can also export the image to PNG. Launch Paint or any photo-editing app. Change the format of your photo and try to upload it again.

Method #2 – Try to Upload the Image on the MS Teams Web or Mobile App

If you attempt to change the team photo on your Microsoft Teams mobile app, you can switch to the web client and check if you can upload the image. At the same time, use the mobile app if you cannot change the picture on your web client.

Method #3 – Upload your Logo or Image using Outlook on the Web

  • On your browser, go to outlook.live.com.
  • Login to your Microsoft account.
  • Click your profile picture.
  • Go to your profile picture.
  • Select Add or change your picture.
  • A new tab will open.
  • Click the Add a picture or New picture button.
  • Upload your photo.
  • Hit Save.
  • Go to Microsoft Teams.
  • Log out of your account.
  • Log back in to your account.

Do you have other solutions that can fix the Microsoft Teams profile picture or logo uploading or updating error? You can share them with us in the comment section below.

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  1. No way to get that image uploaded…. what do you expect – it’s Microsoft… stealing your time. I have tried every solution, nothing works, there’s not even an error message.

  2. One day we were able to update the Teams avatar, the next day and every day after that “there was a problem, please try again”. Since it’s microsoft, I guess we should just agree that nothing works correctly and be happy with that.


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