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How to Fix ‘Your Account Has Been Permanently Suspended From Reddit’ Issue



Reddit was founded in 2005. The website’s name is from the words “I read it.” It is a social network with a large number of forum-style discussion systems.

Users post in topic-specific communities known as subreddits and engage in comment threads. It’s all about empowering users to interact with one another to promote community.

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As one of Reddit’s core features, commenting is the primary way for members to communicate. Site members use voting to curate and promote content socially.

How Does Reddit Work?

This is how its algorithm works. Popular posts with high upvotes receive more exposure on Reddit’s homepage, and subreddit feeds. However, downvoted material gets less visibility.

Reddit membership is free and lets users utilize the site’s basic features. Members can also choose to become Reddit Gold members. It offers a set of additional features that free accounts can access to.

Access to members-only communities and the ability to disable sidebar ads are included with Reddit Gold. There is much information you can enjoy from Reddit. But all the fun can be limited if your account gets suspended. 

How do You Know if your Reddit Account is Suspended? 

You will see a red banner with “your account has been suspended.”

You can, however,

  • Sign in to your account.
  • View almost everything, including messages, notifications, and posts from others.
  • You can still message, but communication is limited with the admin.
  • Perform actions on your posts, such as deleting or editing your posts and comments.

Suspension limits you to

  • Reach out to other people by sending messages.
  • You would be unable to make new posts or leave comments.
  • You are unable to create content or subreddits.
  • Using the advertising system is also prohibited.
  • Casting your vote is not possible.
  • And you can not Edit Wiki pages.

Why is your Reddit Account Suspended? 


Everything has its own set of rules, and Reddit is no exception. The site’s guidelines are one of the factors that could have an impact on your account. Accounts may be suspended if they violate the content policy.

But please, don’t take it personally. Reddit combats the constant onslaught of spammers and overzealous marketers by suspending users who engage in questionable behavior.

Let us understand the common reasons for your account suspension, so you can prevent doing it.

Common Reasons for Account Suspension on Reddit

  • Cheating or content manipulation, as well as posting illegal content.
  • Privacy invasion and impersonation of a person.
  • Posting sexually suggestive or seductive content about minors.
  • To make money online, you should post only a few links. Spamming the website with posts and comments promoting a link on purpose.
  • Using a different account to vote on your own submissions. And requesting that others upvote your content.
  • Harassment and inciting violence are both prohibited.
  • Making irrelevant comments or subreddits.

How to Fix your Reddit’s Account Suspension?

Familiarize yourself with Reddit’s Content Policy, and watch for updates.

Check to see if your suspension is a subreddit or wide site. Determine whether the suspension is temporary or permanent. Remember that a suspension will notify you that you violated the rules and that your account has been linked to suspicious activities. Still, you have the opportunity to correct your behavior.

Here’s to a second chance:

  • After verifying your account’s suspension, the next step is to contact Reddit customer service via email or social media and clarify what happened. Inquire about the reason for your suspension.
  • You can also submit a ticket to Reddit support with a valid email address. Then you’ll have to wait for their response.

Contact Reddit Customer Support

In reality, you could be suspended for no apparent reason. There could be a glitch in the system, or you could have been misreported. It’s also possible that your account was hacked, and you were wrongfully accused of something you didn’t do. This is the time to contact Reddit and request that your account be unbanned.

File an Appeal on Reddit for your Account Suspension

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If you believe your Reddit (or subreddit) suspension was unfair or inaccurate, you can file an appeal directly with the platform. To file an appeal with Reddit, open the appeal form in your browser or via the suspension notification sent to you. And calmly explain why you believe you have been wrongfully suspended.

Create a New Reddit Account

If none works, create a new account and begin again. Just make sure you don’t get suspended. If you just started your Reddit account and they suspend it again, don’t use a VPN or go into incognito mode.

I hope one of these fixes restores your access to Reddit. You can tell us what happens in the comment section below.



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