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How to Fix Google Play Error Code OR-CCSEH-02 or OR-TAPSH-08



The Google Play community has been growing in size for the past several years. Thanks to Google Pay, users can link their credit cards and take advantage of other payment options to pay for Google Play services.

Unfortunately, several users complain about getting the Google Play error code OR-CCSEH-02 or OR-TAPSH-08 every time they pay for the services or apps they bought on the platform.

You will see the error message, “Error OR-TAPSH-08 when adding card.”

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Troubleshoot Google Play Error Code OR-CCSEH-02 or OR-TAPSH-08

If you’re getting these errors, here are a few possible solutions you can try:

Check if You Entered the Correct Information on Google Play

All the details you enter in Google Pay must be correct. When you open Google Pay, you will be asked to enter your mobile number.

The app will verify it first. You can also choose the bank where you have your account. You also need to enter your debit card information.

Entering the wrong details may result in error codes. To prevent this from happening, check and double-check all the details to ensure that they are correct and updated.

Check the Status of Your Bank Server

Make sure you also verify if the servers of your bank are up and running as they should. You can do this by getting in touch directly with your bank.

You can also check their social media handles or view the status of the bank server using a third-party site. If the bank servers are under maintenance or down at the moment, you won’t have any other option but to simply wait until they become fully operational again.

After this, try to use Google Play again and check if the error code OR-CCSEH-02 or OR-TAPSH-08 is gone.

Use a Virtual Card on your Google Play Account

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Thanks to their compatibility with Google Play payments, you can use virtual cards for app purchases. Aside from working effectively for most users, it’s also safe to use virtual cards.

You are not required to input the number of your physical card online, keeping it safe from hackers.

You can activate the virtual card option on the official website or app of your bank. You will be provided with a different card number as well as a CVC that updates every 5 minutes.

You can use the details through Google Pay or directly in Google Play so you can make the purchases you want.

Remove Account Warnings on Google Play

Error codes OR-CCSEH-02 and OR-TAPSH-08 often show up if the Risk Engine of Google has red-flagged your account. In cases like this, the best action to take is to reach out to Google Support.

You should explain your present situation to them and ensure that they remove the warning as soon as possible.

Verify the Compatibility of Your Card with Google Pay

You should also ensure that the debit or credit card that you’re trying to use is compatible with Google Pay in the first place. You can refer to the list of compatible cards to check this.

Contact the Google Customer Support Team 

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This is probably your last resort if you’re getting the error code OR-CCSEH-02 or OR-TAPSH-08 in Google Play even after trying all of the methods above. You can try getting in touch with them using the toll-free number 1-800-419-0157.

The next time you encounter Google Play error code OR-CCSEH-02 or OR-TAPSH-08, make sure you try the above solutions so you can continue using the services without any issues.



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