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Fix OBS Audio Keeps Cutting In/Out or No Audio at All Problem when Recording



One of the most important components in every video is the audio, according to content producers. The viewing experience for your audience can be made or broken by it. Due to this, it might be upsetting when OBS audio problems cause it to cut in and out or stop operating altogether when recording your videos.

How to Troubleshoot Sound Issues & Fix OBS Audio Keeps Cutting In/Out or No Audio at All Problem when Recording

Luckily, there are multiple potential solutions to overcome these difficulties when you’re using Streamlabs OBS or OBS Studio software.

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Checking your Volume Mixer 

It should be your first line of priority. You may not be hearing any desktop sound because OBS is muted. Right-click the speaker icon in the taskbar, select Open Volume Mixer, and then select the speaker icon next to the word OBS to unmute OBS.

Change Your Recording Track Settings

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Altering your recording track settings and then returning to the default track settings could be another solution. Some users have found this is working, but not everyone will. 

  1. Go to your OBS settings.
  2. Choose the recording tab to give it a try.
  3. Change your recording track settings.
  4. Then, return to the original track settings.

Update Your Audio Driver

OBS audio problems could be brought on by an out-of-date audio driver. An outdated audio driver could negatively affect your audio system’s performance, resulting in intermittent or absent audio playback. 

Use a driver updater tool like Smart Driver Care to update your audio driver. Do a scan and update your audio driver by selecting Update driver or Update All after downloading and installing the utility.

Check and Adjust Your Audio Sync Settings

Checking and adjusting your audio sync settings is a further potential remedy. Repeat the process for each audio device on your list, making sure that they are all set to the same sample rate that you selected in OBS. This technique simplifies synchronizing your audio and video.

Roll Back Your Windows Update

You can try rolling back the update if you recently updated Windows and the problem started happening. To execute this, select the rollback option by accessing Settings > Windows Update (or Update and Security for Windows 10) > Update history.

Ask for Help on Forums

You can try requesting assistance on sites like Reddit if none of the aforementioned fixes are successful. There’s a chance that another person faced a similar challenge and identified a solution that worked for them.

Contact OBS Support

If everything else has been tried and the problem persists, reaching out to OBS support or a qualified expert might be necessary. You can get step-by-step guidance and solutions from the OBS support team to resolve any OBS audio problems.

Wrapping It Up

OBS audio problems can be annoying to deal with, but there are a few potential fixes you can attempt. Check your volume mixer first, then update your audio driver. Change your recording track settings or audio sync settings if the previous fixes don’t work. 

If all else fails, think about reverting your Windows update, seeking assistance online, or getting in touch with OBS support. Remember that there could be a number of reasons why OBS audio problems exist, and it could take some time to identify the right fix.



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