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How to Use and Host a Sling Watch Party for Live TV Feature



Watching your favorite TV shows is relaxing and entertaining. But, it is more exciting if you are watching with your friends and loved ones. When it is not possible for you and your friends to come together and watch your favorite TV shows, Sling TV will give you a great solution.

Sling TV launched its co-viewing feature called the Sling Watch Party. Users can come together in an online room where they can watch and stream live TV together. It is like being in the same room and couch at the same time even if you are miles away from each other.

What Sets Sling Watch Party Apart From Other Co-Watching Features

Credit: Sling

If you think that the Sling Watch Party is just like any other co-watching feature, Sling TV has something better for you. It comes with a text and video chat at the side of the screen, so you and your friends can talk and exchange messages while watching TV. The text chat is available on one side and the video chat on the other. You can also hide the text chat if you want.

When using the Sling Watch Party feature, it is best to wear headphones to get the most out of the experience. Another feature is the audio control that each user has not just on his or her audio but to a friend’s audio. You can choose to hear a friend’s comment by hovering to his or her video and adjust the audio bar.

Users of any Sling TV plans including domestic base services can use the Sling Watch Party feature.

How to Host or Start a Sling Watch Party

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First, you will need to use the Google Chrome browser on your computer to use the Watch Party feature on Sling TV. Mobile browsers and other Sling-compatible devices will surely be added to the supported devices list.

  1. Launch the Sling website on your Chrome.
  2. Sign in your Sling account.
  3. Choose the content that you want to watch. Make sure it has the Create Watch Party button.
  4. Click the Create Watch Party button and start sending out the link invite to your selected friends and family.
  5. You may choose to email the link through Sling TV’s built-in tool, or you can copy the link and send it to your friends.
Credit: Sling

Take note that each Watch Party session is available for up to 4 participants only. That means you can invite up to 3 friends to join your Watch Party.

Now, with the Sling Watch Party, it is easier to recreate an experience where you and your friends are watching TV shows together inside your living room. What are your thoughts about Sling Watch Party? Let us know in the comments below.



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