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How to Fix iMessage Not Displaying or Loading Photos on iPhone with iOS 16



Are you experiencing problems with iMessage not showing or loading photos on your iPhone running iOS 16? If so, you’re not alone.

A lot of users have reported this issue on iPhone. Fortunately, we’ve been in your shoes, conquered the challenge, and have the necessary solutions for you.

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Methods to Troubleshoot iPhone iOS16 iMessage Not Displaying or Loading Photos

Here are a few potential corrective measures you can try:

Check Storage Space on your iPhone

In our experience, insufficient storage on your iPhone can lead to photos not loading in iMessage. Let’s inspect your storage conditions.

To resolve this, free up some space. You can do this by deleting those apps you hardly ever use, old files gathering digital dust, or excess media that’s just taking up valuable real estate. Trust us, your device will thank you for it.

Enable MMS on your iMessage

Can’t receive multimedia messages, like photos or videos, in iMessage? Check if MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) is enabled on your device3.

  • This is how you do it: Launch the Settings app.
  • Wander over to Messages.
  • Make sure the MMS toggle switch is in the ‘On’ position.

If this wasn’t your previous course of action, it could possibly be the antidote to your iMessage troubles.

Restart your iPhone Device

Photo credit: Tyler Lastovich/Unsplash

Though it might sound exceedingly simplistic, bear with us. A quick restart of your iPhone can often fix temporary glitches or hiccups with the iMessage app. It’s like a mini spa break for your iPhone.

Proceed to switch off your device and then switch it back on. Now, check if your iMessage photos are back in action.

Check iMessage Settings

Next up on our troubleshooting tour is a quick check of your iMessage settings.

Verify that everything is set up correctly. iMessage should be enabled, and the setup should be flawless on your iPhone.

Get to these settings by following this breadcrumb trail: Settings > Messages. If something is amiss, correcting it could get those photos loading again.

Reset Network Settings on your iPhone

Resetting your network settings can sometimes be the magic bullet for iMessage issues. It’s kind of like spring cleaning for your iPhone’s networking brain.

  • Navigate to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.
  • Permit your device to handle the rest.

Remember, though, this move will remove saved Wi-Fi passwords. So, you’ll need to play reconnect-the-dots with your Wi-Fi networks afterward.

Sign Out and Sign Back Into iCloud

Image credit: Apple

Lastly, there’s a bit of a Hail Mary play. Some users have found success by signing out of iCloud and then signing back in.

You can perform this operation in the Settings app, tucked under your Apple ID profile settings. It’s kind of like stepping out and stepping back into the digital room.

And there you have it – a few potential solutions to your iMessage photo loading problem.

Remember, if the first solution doesn’t work, don’t lose heart. Simply progress to the next proposed solution. Your iPhone will be back to normal soon enough, and you’ll be sharing photos in iMessage with ease.



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