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Fix Links Not Opening on Slack



If you have been using Slack, you will know how convenient it is to share contents, send messages, or send files to your loved ones and co-workers. Slack is a cloud-based messaging platform that you can utilize both for personal and work-related use. (See Also: Microsoft Teams)

Links not Opening on Slack

But, as much as Slack works most of the time, there are some of its features that does not. For instance, some links fail to open in messages. If this happens, there are solutions on how you can fix this problem and use Slack smoothly again.

Reasons Why Slack Doesn’t Open Links

There are different reasons why you cannot open links in Slack sent to you via chat. First is when you do not have have the correct default browser. Links will only open when directed to the correct default browser set in Slack. You may also have accumulated corrupted data in your cache thus the reason for your browser not to open the links.

You should also your Chrome settings or if you have properly installed Slack. These reasons might be stopping you from successfully opening links.

What You Can Do to Open Links in Slack?

Solution 1 – Make Chrome a Default Browser

  • First, go to Settings and click Advanced.
  • Select Web Browser.
  • Choose Google Chrome as Default Browser. This will allow you to open links.

Solution 2 – Change the Slack Settings

Slack Open Web Pages in App

You may not noticed it but in your settings, your permission to open links may be turned off.

  • Launch Slack and login your account.
  • On the top right of the screen, click on the three dots to open menu.
  • Choose Settings and click Advanced.
  • Look for Open Web Pages in App. Toggle to turn on.
  • Save the changes and check if you can now open the links.

Solution 3 – Check your Internet Connection

network and internet settings windows 10

Sometimes, the problem is the poor Internet Connection thus preventing you from opening the links. It is best to check your Internet connection and see if it causes the problem or not. You may want to open Slack in another device with Internet Connection.

Solution 4 – Clear your Slack Cache

Slack Clear Cache
  • First, launch Slack and login your account.
  • On the top left corner, click Menu.
  • Select Help and click Troubleshooting.
  • A new menu will appear. Choose Clear Cache and Restart.
  • Wait for the process to finish and check if it works.

Solution 5 – Change the Configuration of Chrome Browser

  • Go to the File Explorer and open this file: $HOME/.local/share/applications/google-chrome.desktop
  • Look for this line: Exec=/opt/google/chrome/chrome. Replace it with this line: Exec=/opt/google/chrome/chrome %U
  • Save the changes and restart the application.


Not opening links in Slack can be frustrating and can prevent you from making progress in your messages. Follow the solutions above and check which ones work for you. Share with us in the comments below.


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