How to Install Microsoft Teams App on Linux

Microsoft Teams is used by many startup groups but its limitations extends to its unavailability in Linux desktops. Teams is available on Windows 10 and on MacOS both as an app and online but not yet on Linux. Slack, another similar communication service has already gained an official Linux app.

Recently, Microsoft announced the public preview release of Microsoft Teams for the Linux platforms. The company will make Microsoft Teams available for use on the open-source operating system. Users of the Linux platform can now directly access Teams on their desktop or via online. It is still in a preview mode and the service is under development.

Features of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a communication platform that collaborates team members in one place. Through the platform, teams can hold meetings, chat groups, video conferencing, and audio calls. Team members can share files and grant access to other members in their calendars. User can also create teams and add members that may or may not belong to other teams.

To enjoy the features of Microsoft Teams, you must first install it on Linux.

Install Microsoft Teams on Ubuntu

  • Go to the official website of Microsoft Teams.
  • Proceed to the Desktop section and look for the Linux DEB 64-bit button. Click to download.
  • Next, choose the *.deb file. The Installer will launch.
  • Click the Install button to start installing.
  • Wait for the process to finish before opening Microsoft Teams.

Install Microsoft Teams on Fedora

  • Press Ctrl+Alt+T to open the terminal window.
  • Download the RPM file using this command: wget -O microsoft-teams.rpm
  • Wait for the download to finish. Once done, you can now install your RPM file using the Dnf package manager: sudo dnf install microsoft-teams.rpm

Install Microsoft Teams on Debian

  • First, download Microsoft Teams from its official website.
  • After you have finished downloading, install the file DEB file through this package: $ sudo dpkg -i teams_1.2.00.32451_amd64.deb

Install Microsoft Teams Through Snap

You can download the Microsoft Teams on the Ubuntu Snap Store.

  • First, you will need to enable Snapd runtime. This will allow snaps to run on Linux.
  • To get it running, type these commands on the terminal.
  • For Debian: sudo apt install snapd
  • For Fedora: sudo dnf install snapd
  • sudo systemctl enable –now snapd.socket
  • For Ubuntu: no need to install Snapd
  • Next, type this command to get the Microsoft Teams: sudo snap install teams-for-linux


Microsoft Teams is worth checking out on Linux but as the platform is still on preview mode, do it at your own risk. Let us know what you think about Microsoft Teams now on Linux.


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