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How to Fix Canon Pixma Printer Error Code C000, 6000 or 5100



There are several steps you can take to troubleshoot printing error codes on your Canon Pixma printer. In many cases, simple solutions can fix the issue. Let’s examine the most common error codes and recommended solutions in detail:

How to Fix Canon Pixma Printer Error Code C000

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This error typically relates to issues with the print head or obstructions preventing proper movement. Let’s thoroughly check the main areas:

  • Remove the front cover and inspect inside the printer. Carefully feel around and look for any stray packaging pieces like tapes, foam pads or plastic wrappers left over from setup. These can become lodged and must be removed.
  • Shine a flashlight closely along the inside walls, cassette slots, output tray and around the print head assembly. Move the head manually back and forth while examining for debris. Gently clean out any dirt, dust bunnies or paper scraps found with compressed air or a dry cotton swab.
  • Check underneath and behind the areas that normally aren’t visible like around hinges, edges and corners. Dislodged pieces can fall here easily. Dismantle removable plastic casing cautiously if needed to access harder to see nooks.
  • Make absolutely certain the print head slides freely without resistance when moved by hand. Adding a few drops of isopropyl alcohol on a q-tip may help dissolve built up dried ink preventing smooth motion.
  • Power off, unplug and let fully discharge for 5 minutes to clear memory caches. Then reconnect, power on and run a head cleaning cycle and alignment page print to reset.

If C000 persists after this thorough cleaning, contact support describing exactly what was done to isolate the root cause. Their specialized tools may reveal further remedies.

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Troubleshooting Issues and Fixing Error Code 6000 on Canon Pixma Devices

This is commonly related to paper feed issues on your Pixma printer:

  • Remove all paper from trays and holders, then carefully feel inside with your finger, gently probe with tweezers or flex a borescope camera to inspect every crevice for partially stuck sheets or fragments that may remain. Extract anything found with tweezers.
  • Check rollers located under the paper path covers. Work your nail gently at the edge of each roller to dislodge any dried on tape pieces or fuzz stuck to the rubber.
  • Blow out each paper slot, opening and empty cavity with compressed air. Photocopy paper and envelopes sometimes leave behind residues.
  • Try printing a test page without paper loaded to feed the empty path and check rollers spin smoothly. Load new paper to check feeding operation.
  • As a last resort, dismantle paper cassettes to access interiors if necessary to fully clear blockages. Reassembly is straightforward.
  • Repeat restart and cleaning cycle to reset components if issues were discovered and addressed. Contact support for additional help if needed.

How to Troubleshoot and Fix Error Code 5100 on Pixma Printer or Scanner Devices

This typically relates to ink problems when using your Canon printer:

  • Remove each cartridge slowly and inspect for dirt, dried ink or blockages. Use a Q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol to clean metal electrical contacts if needed.
  • Verify cartridges are correct types for your specific printer model. Text on label should match what’s needed.
  • Check datecodes on cartridges – old or expired ink can manifest as errors. Replace if nearing end of validity period.
  • Refill empty cartridges per manufacturer instructions rather than continuing to use completely dry ones which damage print heads.
  • Run multiple head cleaning cycles with new cartridges installed to clear nozzles that may have been blocked.
  • Update to latest drivers which can fix software ink level detection issues in some cases.

Did you fix the issue with your Canon Pixma printer? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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