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How to Fix Netflix Error Code tvq-prfls-104 or tvq-nw-104 (500)



There are thousands of movies, series, and sitcoms that you can now find on Netflix. The streaming service company continue to update its arsenal of shows and new features almost every week. With the huge selection, you can binge-watch all the movies you want at any time.

But, even if Netflix is a popular streaming service, there are still errors that users encounter. Two of these errors are Netflix error codes tvq-prfls-104 and tvq-nw-104 (500).

What is Netflix Error Code tvq-prfls-104

When you see the Netflix error code tvq-prfls-104, it means that there is a problem with the data or information in your device. You will see the error message, “There was a problem adding your profile.

What is Netflix Error Code tvq-nw-104 (500)

The Netflix error code tvq-nw-104 (500) is a connectivity issue. There is a problem with your local network, so you are unable to stream on Netflix at the moment. Users see this message, “Netflix has encountered an error. Retrying in [X] seconds.


How to Repair Netflix Error Code tvq-prfls-104 or tvq-nw-104 (500)

Solution #1 – Power Cycle your Device

Doing the power cycle will help refresh your device as well as your network connectivity.

  • First, turn off all of your devices and unplug them from your power source. This also includes your modem and router.
  • Wait for at least one minute.
  • Now, plug in your modem and turn it on. Wait until it is fully connected.
  • Do the same to your router.
  • Plugin your device and turn it on.
  • Try to launch Netflix and check if the error still exists.

Solution #2 – Sign Out of Netflix

Turning your device off may not be enough. You will need to sign out your account and sign back in. Signing out of Netflix requires different procedures in each device. But, to sign out of Netflix, you will have to navigate to the Settings and select Sign out.

If you are using your controller, follow this sequence using your controller buttons: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Up, Up, Up. Now, click Sign Out.

Solution #3 – Access Netflix using a VPN Server

Your IP address might have been blacklisted through no fault of your own. If this happens, connectivity issues like tvq-prfls-104 or tvq-nw-104 (500) can be hard to pin down. Some users report that they fixed the issue by connecting to a VPN service when using Netflix.

If you want to try this solution, you can check any of the premium VPN providers below. Sign up for a free trial account to see if their service is the right one for your streaming needs.

Solution #4 – Contact Netflix Customer Service

If the solutions above do not work, you can report the error to the Netflix Customer Service. Any of these errors might be specific to your account or your geo location.

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