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How to Fix Microsoft Teams Audio Not Working Issue on Windows 11 PC



Modern workplaces require modern technologies to ensure a seamless and smooth operation day in and day out. The rise of online collaboration apps and tools is proof that any organization that wants to stay afloat should also be ready to take its A-game to the next level.

Microsoft Teams is the perfect example of these state-of-the-art workplace technologies. Chat messaging, conferences, and team communication are made easier than ever thanks to Microsoft Teams.

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Top Ways to Resolve Microsoft Teams Audio Not Working Issue on Windows 11 PC

But just like any other technology, Microsoft Teams is prone to problems that can compromise its performance. A common and familiar complaint among users is the non-functional audio, especially when using Windows 11. Here are a few tips on how to fix this Microsoft Teams error

Restart your Windows 11 PC

A restart can clear RAM and stop the background process to give them a chance to start again from the ground up. Doing this can also solve issues like improperly working audio on Teams. Click Start, Power, and then Restart. 

After the restart, launch the Teams app again to see if the audio works now. If not, proceed to the next steps. 

Switch to Another Microphone on your Computer

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If your Microsoft device doesn’t work with an external microphone, you can try to use a different microphone, USB port, or cable. If several microphones are connected to the device, disconnect the rest and leave the one you like to use connected. 

For built-in microphones, turn off the other external audio devices and then check the built-in microphone. If it doesn’t work, connect an external microphone to see if it will work with Teams. 

Make Sure You’re Not on Mute

Now, you might think it’s a bit silly but yes, it does happen that your audio doesn’t work because you were on mute. Ensure that there is no slash over the Microphone icon while you’re on a Teams meeting. If there is a slash, simply tap the icon to disable the mute. Try talking again to confirm that others can now hear you. 

Another important thing to note here is if the meeting organizer muted you or the rest of the participants, there is no way that your mic will work no matter what you do. A grayed-out microphone icon is the easiest way to confirm it. 

Restart Microsoft Teams App

Aside from restarting or rebooting your device, you can also try to restart Microsoft Teams itself. Right-click on the Microsoft Teams icon located at the bottom toolbar of your PC and choose Quit. 

Update the Audio Driver on your Windows 11 PC

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Since corrupted and outdated audio drivers often trigger most sound-related problems in PCs, make sure that your audio driver is up to date. There are a few ways to update the audio drivers of your device. 

  • You can try to update your audio drivers in Settings. Open Settings, proceed to the Windows Update section and click Optional Updates. From there, you can download and install the newest updates for the audio drivers.
  • You can also go to the official website of the manufacturer of your device where you can download and install the most recent audio drivers. 
  • Go to Device Manager and click on the Sound category. Choose the active audio device and right-click on it. Select the option to Update Driver. 

Microsoft Teams is among those tools that made remote work more possible. Fixing the Teams audio not working on your Windows 11 PC only requires a few simple and easy steps.



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