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How to Use & Join FaceTime Calls with Android Phone or Windows PC Device



iPhone users are familiar with FaceTime. It is like iMessage, where communications come naturally. But, if you are an Android mobile or Windows PC user, you may feel left out when your friends and family with iPhones or Macs can use FaceTime.

Now, Apple breaks the barrier and enables non-Apple users to access and use the FaceTime messaging platform. You can now join your friends and family members when they plan to start a FaceTime video call or conference, even when you don’t have an Apple device on hand. But, it does not work like an app on your Android or Windows PC device. You need to get an invite to join a FaceTime call. Let’s find out more below.

How to Use FaceTime Between your Android Phone or Windows Computer Device and iPhone

Apple users can make a video call for free with other Apple users via FaceTime. Now that Apple allows non-Apple users to join in the FaceTime call, you can create a FaceTime link to share with Android or Windows users.

To start, only Apple users can create the link for the FaceTime call. You can only do so using the FaceTime app on your Apple device. Note that you need to update your Apple firmware to macOS Monterey for iMac and MacBook computers, iPadOS 15 for iPad tablets, and iOS 15 for iPhone mobile devices before you can generate the link on your FaceTime app.

It is good to remember that non-Apple users can see your caller ID when they join the FaceTime video call. That means they can view either your mobile number or email address that you used to activate FaceTime.

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Creating a FaceTime Video Call Link for Android or Windows Users to Join

Image credit: Apple
  • On your FaceTime app, tap the Create Link button to make a FaceTime Call link.
  • Select Add Name and enter the name you want for your call.
  • Tap OK.
  • Now, go to the menu and tap Copy. It will copy the link to the FaceTime call you created.

How to Share your FaceTime Link With Non-Apple Users

Now that you copied the FaceTime video meeting call link, you can paste it on your iMessage, Mail, Facebook Messenger, or other ways to send the link to your participants.

  • To share the link via FaceTime, tap the “i” icon next to the call you created.
  • Tap Share Link.
  • You can then select those you want to join the call.

How to Join a FaceTime Video Call on Android or Windows Device

Image credit: Apple

Android phone, tablet, and Windows computer users can click on the link that the Apple user sent to join a FaceTime video call on the web through a browser. Enter your name to send a notification for the sender to approve you.

Note that non-Apple users do not need to create an Apple ID to join a FaceTime call. You just need to get a link invitation to use FaceTime on your device.

What do you think of the new cross-platform feature on the Apple FaceTime service? Is it helpful for you? We would love to know what you think, so please drop us a comment below.

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