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Fix Microsoft Teams Sign In Error Code CAA20003, CAA20004 & CAA2000C



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There are instances when you encounter errors after several times using an application on your computer. However, there are also moments when you constantly experience trouble and issue from the start

Microsoft Teams is one of the reliable online communication and collaboration platforms available today. But, it does not guarantee that you will not see any problem when using the app or website for team task management and video meetings. Sometimes, there are errors when you try to sign in to your Microsoft Teams account.

Examples of account authentication issues when signing in on the Microsoft Teams app or website are error codes CAA20003, CAA2000C, or CAA20004. These errors happen on a Windows 10/11 PC, Mac and Linux computers, or Chromebook device. You will also receive the following error messages:

“Something went wrong. We couldn’t sign you in. If this error persists, contact your system administrator and provide the error code CAA2000C.”

“Loading Microsoft Teams. Modern authentication failed here, but you’ll still be able to sign in. Your status code is caa20004.”


“Something went wrong. We couldn’t sign you in. If this error persists, contact your system administrator and provide the error code CAA20004.”

How Troubleshoot & Resolve Microsoft Teams Error Code CAA20003, CAA2000C or CAA20004 Login Issues

There are a number of possible reasons why you can’t log in to your MS Teams account. Login failed authentication errors like these can be persistent and need to be fixed right away.

Fortunately, there are several ways you can do to troubleshoot and fix the Microsoft Teams login status error codes. Try following each solution below one at a time and see if it works for you or not.

Solution #1 – Contact your Team Admin

Talk to your team admin and inform them of the problem you are facing when signing in to your Microsoft Teams account. Make sure to indicate the status error code for your admin to verify and direct them on how to correct the issue.

Solution #2 – Check if your Account is an Active User

  • On your browser, go to the Microsoft 365 admin center. You may also go directly to https://portal.office.com/adminportal#/homepage.
  • Login using an admin account.
  • Click Select Users.
  • Choose Active Users.
  • Check if your account is on the list. If not, you need to add it. Click Add a user.
  • Fill in the information.
  • After adding your account as an active user, try signing in to Microsoft Teams again.

Solution #3 – Clear the Microsoft Teams App Cache

  • Open the File Explorer.
  • Enter the following: %appdata%\Microsoft\teams.
  • Click the Cache folder.
  • Delete the following:
    • \%appdata%\Microsoft\teams\application cache\cache.
    • \%appdata%\Microsoft\teams\blob_storage.
    • \%appdata%\Microsoft\teams\databases.
    • \%appdata%\Microsoft\teams\GPUcache.
    • \%appdata%\Microsoft\teams\IndexedDB.
    • \%appdata%\Microsoft\teams\Local Storage.
    • \%appdata%\Microsoft\teams\tmp.
  • Restart your computer.

Solution #4 – Reconnect your MS Teams Account Email Address

  • Launch the Settings menu of your desktop or laptop computer.
  • Select Accounts.
  • Go to Email & accounts. If you are using a work or school account, select Access work or school.
  • Choose your email address.
  • Click the down arrow next to it.
  • Select Manage.
  • Click Delete account from this device.
  • Click Delete again to confirm.
  • Once you disconnect it, you can reconnect it.

Solution #5 – Modify Global Primary Authentication

  • First, launch the AD FS Management app.
  • Select Edit Global Primary Authentication.
  • Make sure you are in the Primary tab.
  • Now, go to Extranet and check the Forms authentication option.
  • Go to Intranet and check both Forms authentication and Windows authentication.
  • Click Apply.
  • Click OK.
  • Launch the PowerShell with admin rights.
  • Enter the following: Enable-AdfsEndpoint -TargetAddressPath “/adfs/services/trust/13/windowstransport”

What else did you do to resolve the Microsoft Teams sign-in authentication errors above? You can share your solutions with us by writing them in the comment section below.

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