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How to Fix ChatGPT “Conversation Not Found” Error



ChatGPT is taking the world by storm and changing the name of the game for many industries. However, despite being such an advanced technology, ChatGPT still got some issues now and then.

Some users are bombarding ChatGPT with reports about “Conversation Not Found” error message every time they try chatting with the bot. But the good news is that while the error itself can be a bit frustrating at best, there are a few things you can try to do to resolve the ChatGPT problem.

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Troubleshoot ChatGPT “Conversation Not Found” Error

If you encounter the same error on ChatGPT, you can try to fix the issue with some of the methods below. Try to follow each solution one at a time and check if it works for you.

Ensure that Query Meets ChatGPT Parameters

You may be seeing the error message because you have an unrecognizable query. Even if the latest updates of ChatGPT have improved its capabilities, you may be making an input that is not relevant to the specific task ChatGPT has been developed.

Clear Your Browser Cookies and Cache

Corrupted data, cache, or cookies are also possible reasons why ChatGPT shows up error messages and malfunctions. The next time you encounter the “Conversation Not Found” error, try to clear your cache and browser cookies to guarantee a smooth and seamless function of ChatGPT.

Disable Browser Extensions

ChatGPT might also stop working and display error messages because of conflicting browser extensions. There are different steps in disabling browser extensions depending on the specific browser you’re using.

Check the Stability of Your Internet Connection

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For ChatGPT to always function smoothly and properly, you have to make sure that your internet connection is stable and strong enough. Don’t forget to check your internet connection first if you ever face the “Conversation Not Found” error while using ChatGPT.

Try resetting your router for this particular step. But if the problem persists, you might want to get in touch with your internet service provider to seek further assistance.

Use the Correct Format for Your Input

You also have to check that the queries and information you input into ChatGPT are all structured and clear. The tool might display the error message that the conversation is not found if it doesn’t understand the query in the first place.

Refresh Your Web Browser

Temporary glitches or bugs may also cause some errors on ChatGPT, including the “Conversation Not Found” error message.

In cases like this, the best thing you can do is to refresh your browser. Doing so will let you reload the page and hopefully eliminate the errors and glitches.

Enable VPN

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VPN or Virtual Private Network lets you evade most network constraints so that you can gain access to and use ChatGPT even when it is blocked in your local area.

To circumvent the “Conversation Not Found” error, you can consider using VPN software or installing a VPN extension on the browser you’re using. Pick a server location with available ChatGPT and set up a connection from there.

Check out the list of premium VPN services you can use:

ChatGPT is expected to get bigger and better in the next few days. But just like any other tool, expect that it will also encounter some issues.

If you ever see the “Conversation Not Found” error while using ChatGPT, be sure to follow the steps above so you can continue using the tool to the fullest.



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