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Fix Microsoft Volume Licensing VLSC Login Error Code E06 & 1000



Login problems may sometimes occur even when you least expect it. Not being able to sign in to your account can be worrisome, especially if it involves licensing activation. Many users encounter an issue when they try to log in to their Microsoft VLSC account.

The Microsoft Volume Licensing (VLSC) login error codes E06 and 1000 will prevent you from getting access to your license account information. In some cases, users see the problem after upgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 11 operating system. They encounter any of the following error messages:

“We are unable to complete your action Error Code E06. You have linked your VLSC sign-in account with your work account “******@*****.onmicrosoft.com”. Please use your work account to Sign In.”

“Unfortunately, we cannot complete your action Error code E06. You have linked your VLS registration account to your work account. Please use your work account to log in.”


“We are unable to complete your action Error code: 1000”

How to Troubleshoot & Fix Microsoft Volume Licensing VLSC Login Error Code E06 & 1000

Several ways can help you fix and resolve the Microsoft Volume Licensing issue. Check out the troubleshooting solutions below and see which one works for you in fixing the Windows license error.

Method #1 – Login Using the Office Portal

  • On your browser, go to https://www.office.com/.
  • Click Sign In.
  • Login to your Microsoft Office account.
  • Select your Avatar.
  • Go to My Account.
  • Choose the Subscription where you want to check your license.

Method #2 – Login Directly to the Volume Licensing Service Center Website

Screenshot credit: Windows Dispatch

Method #3 – Use the InPrivate Mode or Incognito Window on your Web Browser

Method #4 – Try Signing Back in with your Work Account

  • Launch the signing page on the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service.
  • Before you log in, make sure to select Sign in with your work account.
  • Then, enter your work account and check if you can get in.

Method #5 – Clear your Browser Cache

It may be a problem with the cache data in your browser. You need to clear the cache on your browser and check if it resolves the error. Navigate to the Settings menu and go to History. Select Clear browsing data and set the time range to All Time.

Method #6 – Contact the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Support

What else did you do to fix the Microsoft VLSC account sign-in error? We would love to know more solutions to help other users resolve the issue. You can write them down below.



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