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How to Fix Microsoft Teams Error Code 503 Signing in Issue



Seeing an error when you try to login to Microsoft Teams is frustrating. Instead of enjoying a video meeting with your friends or your colleagues, you end up fixing a problem.

Microsoft Teams Error 503

One of the problems commonly encountered by users in Microsoft Teams is error code 503. This gives them trouble signing in and it comes up along with this error message: “D’oh something went wrong” Error 503. You may have problems with your local network or there may be restrictions with a corporate network thus giving the error message.

If you happen to encounter the same issue and you cannot login to Microsoft Teams, there are solutions to help you fix the problem. Check out the methods below on how you can fix the error code 503.

Method #1 – Try Logging in to the Web Version

Most error code 503 happens when users login to their desktop version. If you have the same situation, you can try to use the Teams web client instead. Open your browser and type https://teams.microsoft.com. Then, log in with your Microsoft account. You can then join a meeting or start one right there.

Method #2 – Check your Internet Connection

Check Internet Speed

You may have a slow Internet connection hence the error popping in. Check your Internet speed. You can also check your connection using a different device. See if you can access a website. If you cannot connect from a different device, the problem may be with your local network.

Method #3 – Restart your Connection

  • First, unplug your router and then unplug your modem.
  • Wait for 30 seconds and plug in your modem.
  • Wait for your modem to properly start and plug in your router.
  • Wait for your router to start properly before checking your Internet connection.

Method #4 – Clear the Credential Manager

  • Launch Windows Run or by pressing Windows key + R.
  • Enter Control and press OK.
  • Next, look for User Control.
  • Choose the Credential Manager.
  • Select Windows Credential.
  • Look for credentials that are related to Microsoft Teams and click Remove.
  • Once you are done, check if the error 503 is still there.

Try using the methods one step at a time. If nothing works, contact the Technical Support from the official website of Microsoft Teams.

Which method above helped you solved error 503? Tell us in the comments below.



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