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Fix Netflix Error Code M7034, D7354 or D7356 when Streaming on Browser



It is sometimes convenient to watch Netflix movies and TV shows right on your computer. You can use Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Mozilla Firefox browser to stream your favorite TV series and films.

However, many users on Windows 10 PC and Mac computer have reported two error codes on the Netflix website when they watch content on Google Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers including Edge, Opera, and Brave. These errors are Netflix error codes M7034, D7354, and D7356.

What is Netflix Error Code M7034

Netflix error code M7034 shows the error message, “Whoops, something went wrong. Unexpected Error. There was an unexpected error. Please reload the page and try again.” It means that there may be an issue with your network connection.

What is Netflix Error Code D7356

Seeing the streaming error code D7356 will give you the error message, “Pardon the interruption. Sorry, we’re having trouble with your request.” It appears because you may be using an outdated or unsupported Chrome browser.

What is Netflix Error Code D7354

Fix Netflix Error Code D7354 when Streaming Content on Chromium Web Browser

As for the Netflix error code D7354, there’s no specific details regarding the issue. But, users who experience this problem also use a web browser to stream Netflix on their computers.

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How to Fix Netflix Error Code M7034,D7356 orD7354 on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge & Other Chromium Browsers

To troubleshoot and fix the Netflix streaming error codesM7034,D7356, orD7354 on your desktop or laptop computer’s web browser, follow the different methods below.

Solution #1 – Improve your WiFi Signal

As stated above, one of the causes of the Netflix errors may be a problem with your Internet connection. You can try to improve your WiFi signal by moving your router to a better location, elevating your router, or removing any device that may be blocking it.

Another way is to bypass your router and connect your computer directly to your modem using an HDMI cable. Turn off any VPN or proxy server.

Solution #2 – Power Cycle your Computer or Network Device

  • Turn off your computer.
  • Unplug the router and modem.
  • Wait for at least 1 minute before plugging them back in.
  • After connecting to the Internet, turn on your computer.
  • Relaunch Netflix on Google Chrome.

Solution #3 – Update your Chromium Browser

Update Google Chrome Browser to Latest Version
Image / Windows Dispatch

Google Chrome

  • On your Google Chrome browser, click the Menu button.
  • Go to Help.
  • Select About Google Chrome.
  • Install available updates.
  • Restart Google Chrome.

Microsoft Edge

  • On Microsoft Edge, go to Settings and select the three-dot button to reveal more Settings.
  • Go to Help and feedback and then About Microsoft Edge.
  • Now, MS Edge will download and install any available updates automatically.
  • You will then be prompted to Restart your browser once done.

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Solution #4 – Use a Different Browser or Try the App

You may also want to try streaming Netflix on another browser or device compatible with the Netflix web app. You can try Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or the mobile versions of popular browsers.

If streaming using a browser gives you so much trouble, you can always use the dedicated Netflix app on mobile or smart TVs to stream content without much interruption.

Solution #5 – Reinstall Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge

  • First, uninstall Google Chrome.
  • Go to the Settings menu of your computer.
  • Navigate to Apps & Features.
  • Select Google Chrome and click Uninstall.
  • For Mac users, look for the Google Chrome folder on your Finder.
  • Drag the folder to Trash.
  • After uninstalling Google Chrome, reinstall it through its official website.

If none of the solutions work, you may want to contact your Internet network service provider or report the problem to the Netflix customer support team for further troubleshooting assistance.

Did any of the methods above fix your Netflix browser error? We would love to know! Kindly tell us below.



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