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How to Fix Strava App Error Code 401, 530 or 597 Sign in Issues



To fix Strava apps with error codes 401, 530, or 598, you need to know the codes can relate to any issue.

As with the error code 401, it may appear when you cannot use a third application or when you cannot connect your Strava application with another device or application. This error code relates to an account authorization issue that could be caused by you not getting permission from your app or device to perform an action.

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Strava app error codes 530 and 598 may appear when there is a server problem in the Strava application and there is a network disruption.

Solutions to Resolve Strava App Error Code 401, 530 or 597 Sign in Issues

Fixed some minor issues, such as being hacked; here are the steps to fix the issue on your Strava app.

Check What Access Is Allowed On Your Device to Run the Strava App

In some instances, your device may prompt for permission to launch the application. Such as permission to take pictures, access locations, and much more. Well, you need to check this in the app settings on your device if you are facing problems with the 401 error code.

Check the Network You Use

Check the internet you have; make sure you still have internet data and have a good signal. A poor internet connection allows error codes 530 or 598 to appear.

Apart from checking the internet network, check the server’s status on their official social media pages to see if there is an issue. In case of an error, hold on until the server rectifies the situation.

Fix Strava Route in Garmin Connect App

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Here are the steps to fix the 401 error code if you use the garment connect application:

  1. Look for the menu.
  2. Select “Garmin device.”
  3. Select “your device.”
  4. Click “activity, apps, and more.”
  5. Click “activity and more.”
  6. Click “update” if you see the Strava route.

This step can fix the 401 strava error code on the garmin application

Reinstall the Strava App on your Device

This step is intended so that you can restart the settings in the application as well as minimize errors such as account authentication, permissions from your device, and good connectivity.

Remove your Strava app, clear all the residual data and cache from your device, ensuring a thorough cleanup. Then reinstall the application.

This strategy may help in addressing some of the issues you’ve been grappling with.

Try to Use a Different Device when Logging in to Strava

If this problem keeps recurring, try using another device that is more stable and has good mobility. And make sure you also have an adequate internet network to run the application.

Contact Strava Customer Service

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If you have followed all of the steps above but are still unable to resolve it on your own, contacting customer service for further assistance could be a better option for resolving your gadget’s issue. Hope this helps!



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