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Fixing OnePlus Device Very Slow or Not Charging Issue After an Update



Shopping for a new smartphone can open up a lot of options for users. You can opt for an iPhone 13 or wait for the new rumored release of the Apple iPhone 14 this 2022. But, if you want to check out other top-rated devices, there are Android smartphones that can give you just as many functions and features as an iPhone can.

Many users now find satisfaction in using OnePlus devices. The latest OnePlus9 Pro runs on Snapdragon 888 with Android 11 OS and a 4,500mAh battery with rapid charging capability. Unfortunately, there are instances when your OnePlus device may have a battery charging issue. Some people reported that their smartphones are charging slowly or not charging at all.

Fixing OnePlus Device Very Slow or Not Charging Issue After
Photo credit: Debashis RC Biswas/Unsplash

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How to Troubleshoot & Resolve OnePlus Mobile Device Charging Slowly Problem

An instance when you experience your OnePlus mobile device not fast enough when charging is after a software update. However, having to leave your smartphone charging overnight may also contribute to the problem. Whatever the cause of the slow charging error on your OnePlus mobile phone, you can resolve and fix it by following the methods below.

Method #1 – Check the Charging Port of your OnePlus Mobile Device

Is it free from dust and dirt? Check if there are signs of damage. You can try to clean it using a clean cotton swab. Avoid using sharp metals when cleaning your OnePlus device. A wooden toothpick is also safe to use.

If you have a compressed air duster, you can also use it to remove loose dirt on the charging port.

Method #2 – Use a Different Charger

Perhaps your charger may be the reason why your device is charging slowly. Check for any signs of damage or wear and tear on your charger. If you have a spare charger, switch to it and see if it functions the same. You may also use your current charger with other devices if it charges at the same speed.

Mobile Phone Charger Issue
Photo credit: Markus Spiske/Pexels

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Method #3 – Plug it into a Different Power Outlet

If you use the same power outlet when charging your device, a switch to a different source may help resolve the error. Observe if it fixes the slow charging problem or not. Otherwise, it may be an issue with your smartphone.

Method #4 – Update your OnePlus Device Software

Installing system updates can help extend your battery life while also optimizing your device’s performance. If you have not updated your OS, you can check for available updates. Navigate to the Settings menu and go to System. Check for System Updates.

Method #5 – Have it Checked by a Technician

If there is nothing you can do, have it checked by a reliable technician. You can also replace the batteries, especially if you use an old one. Ask your technician to replace the batteries for you.

What did you do to troubleshoot and fix the OnePlus slow battery charging error? We love to know your story! You can share it with us below.

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