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How to Fix Samsung Phone Error ‘This Device Will Be Locked in 24 Hours’



It’s a situation that every one of us has experienced. The notice “this device will be locked in 24 hours” suddenly appears on your screen while you’re using your Samsung gadget innocuously.

Just what does this entail, anyway? And what is the solution? In this article, we’ll dive into the significance of that message and how to resolve it. We will also advise you on what to do if you are in a similar predicament. If you want to find out more, keep reading!

What Does the ‘This Device Will Be Locked in 24 Hours’ Error Message Mean?

If your Samsung smartphone displays the notice “This device will be locked in 24 hours,” it has been secured using Samsung’s Reactivation Lock feature. This safety measure is in place to guard against anyone using your gadget without permission.

Some variant of the error messages seen by users on their device include:


“This device will be locked in 24 hours as it is linked to an incompatible trade-in order from www.samsung.com”

“This device will be locked in 24 hours as it has been reported lost, stolen or undelivered by the purchaser. You should contact seller to resolve this matter.”

How to Fix This Reactivation Lock Error on Samsung Mobile Phones?

In the event that you see the notice “This Mobile Will Be Locked in 24 Hours” on your Samsung device, there are a few things you may do.

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Option 1: Sign in with your Samsung account details to unlock your smartphone. 

When you log in using your credentials, your smartphone will be unlocked and all of your data will be available to you.

Option 2: Attempt a Restart

Your second option is to restart your device. Resetting the device to factory settings is the next step if that doesn’t work. If those solutions don’t work, you may need to contact Samsung’s customer service.

It is crucial to bear in mind that this problem might have a variety of causes while attempting to resolve it. This might be due to recent changes on your end, such as installing new software or switching passwords. In addition, one of your Samsung-enabled gadgets may be inaccessible if you have more than one device associated with the same account.

There is typically a solution to an issue, no matter what caused it. If you see this error message, don’t worry; by following the instructions above, you should be able to get rid of it in no time.

What to Do if You Can’t Fix the Samsung Reactivation Lock Error?

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  • First, don’t freak out! Doing anything rash out of fear might end up costing you your data or possibly your device, so being calm is essential.
  • Second, do to not attempt to resolve the issue on your own. If you attempt to solve the issue on your own, there is a significant possibility that you will make matters worse.
  • Third, get in touch with a reliable Samsung service center right away. They’ll know exactly what to do to get rid of the malware without harming your computer or the information on it.

How Do I Unlock a Google Locked Samsung Device?

Too many unsuccessful efforts to unlock your Samsung handset have resulted in Google locking it. If you see the notice “This device will be locked in hours,” Google has already locked your device. These are the procedures to be followed in order to unlock your device:

  1. Visit the Android Device Manager webpage.
  2. Log in with the Google account you used to purchase the locked device.
  3. choose your gadget from the list of accessible gadgets associated with your account.
  4. Click lock button.
  5. Replace the current password with a new one, and then go to step 6.
  6. In order to confirm your action, please click the “Lock” button one more.

The new password should work to unlock your Samsung smartphone. Hope this helps!



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