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How to Fix “A Name Has Not Been Set for This Account” Error on YouTube



YouTube gives you access to millions of videos from different categories. You can upload your own videos or save content that you like. However, it is frustrating to encounter an error every time you upload or save a video on Google’s streaming platform. In some cases, there are also issues when other users try to log in to their YouTube account.

One of the common issues in YouTube is the error message saying, “A name has not been set for this account. Please try again when a name has been set.” It means that there is a problem with your Google account. To access YouTube, you will need to use a Google account. If you have not configured your name properly on your Google account, you are likely to encounter an account error on YouTube and other Google-owned services.


Troubleshoot & Fix YouTube Error: A name has not been set for this account

If you keep on seeing the YouTube issue each time you log in to your account or save a video, you will need to resolve it by updating your account details on Google. There are also other ways to fix the problem. Check the solutions below.

Solution #1 – Add Your Name to Google Account Settings


There are two layouts when editing your Google Account settings. Follow the steps based on the layout that appears on your browser.

  • Go to on any browser.
  • On the first layout, click Account Preferences.
  • Next, go to Personal Info & Privacy.
  • Click Your Personal Info.
  • Select Name and click Edit.
  • On the second layout, go to Personal Info.
  • Select Name and click the arrow sign next to it.
  • Click Edit.
  • On both layouts, enter your First and Last Name.
  • Click Done.

Solution #2 – Clear the YouTube App Cache and Data on Mobile

Screenshot: Windows Dispatch

If you are using the YouTube app on your Android or iOS mobile device, it also helps to clear the cache and data.

  • Access your device Settings.
  • Go to Apps.
  • Tap Youtube.
  • Open Storage.
  • Tap the Clear Cache button.
  • Now, check if the error persists on your YouTube app.
  • If yes, tap the Clear Data button on the Settings.
  • Tap Yes to confirm.

Which of the solutions above help you fix this particular YouTube error on browser or mobile app? We are curious to know, so tell us below.



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