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How to Reset Xiaomi Mi Band 3 and 4



Xiaomi Mi Band is a popular fitness tracker device especially for those tight on budget or just love anything that Xiaomi made. This device however is not exempted from issues like any other device for that matter. Two of the most common problems that users encounter in using Mi Band is the incorrect time and notification syncing issues.

What better way to fix all these issues than to reboot the device or even completely reset it to factory settings when things get out of hand.

We’ll show you how to reset Mi Band 3 and 4 in this post.

Restarting Mi Band 3 and 4 (Soft Reset)


How to Restart Mi Band 4

Follow the following steps in order to reboot or restart Mi Band 4:

  • Light up the device display by tapping it once.
  • Continue tapping until you get to the More option.
  • Then, swipe up until you see Settings.
  • Tap Reboot under Settings and confirm by tapping again.
  • Wait while your Mi Band 4 reboots.

How to Restart Mi Band 3

Unfortunately for Mi Band 3, there is no rebooting option available for the device. You cannot manually restart it like the Mi Band 4. The only option you have is to factory reset it.

On the other hand, there is some kind of automatic way to reboot Mi Band 3. You will have to let the battery on Mi Band 3 get totally drained. By doing that, the device will have a forced shutdown. It will automatically restart when you start charging the band. I know, it is not a very convenient way to restart Mi Band 3 especially if you have a fully-charged band which will take days and even weeks to drain the battery out.

How to Factory Reset Mi Band 3 and 4 (Hard Reset)


This should only be done if rebooting the device does not do the trick. Remember, resetting your band to factory settings will delete all your customizations. But, settings you have changed on the Mi Fit app are not affected, only the ones you have made on the device itself.

After resetting the band, you can login using the account you’ve used before and your data will be restored. This includes steps, sleep tracker, basically everything that’s been recorded and synced on the app.

How to Unpair Mi Band 3 and 4 from Mi Fit App

Xiaomi Mi Fit App

In order to connect your band to the same phone, you need to unpair it first before administering the factory reset.

Here’s how to unpair Mi Band 3 or 4 from your Mi Fit app.

  • Open the Mi Fit app and tap on the Profile tab at the bottom.
  • Tap on your band.
  • Scroll down and tap on Unpair.

How to Factory Reset Mi Band 4

  • Tap on the device once.
  • Then, tap again to go to More option.
  • Go to Settings by tapping once more.
  • Tap your way to Factory Reset within the Settings option.
  • Tap on the checkmark icon to confirm.
  • Your band will reset in 2 seconds.

How to Factory Reset Mi Band 3

  • Tap on the device once.
  • Then, tap again to go to More option.
  • Tap left until you see Factory reset.
  • Press and hold the button on your band to reset it.
  • Press again to confirm.

You will know if the device reset is successful when you see the Pair device on the display.

Wrapping It Up

Things have changed starting at Mi Band 3 when it comes to the convenience of resetting your fitness tracker device. It was next to impossible doing this in the previous versions of Mi Band. The good thing is, Xiaomi has listened to its users. As you can see, Mi Band 4 even has the rebooting option right off the bat.

It is our hope that this post has helped you in fixing issues with your Xiaomi Mi Band 3 or 4. We can’t wait to see what Xiaomi has prepared for us in the future versions of this reliable and helpful device. We’re ready for Mi Band 5!



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    I can’t see factory setting on it
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