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How to Fix T-Mobile Error Code 213, 101 or REG90 No Service Issue



The American corporation T-Mobile provides wireless telecommunications services. One of the nation’s biggest mobile network providers, it offers individual and corporate users a range of services, including voice calls, text messages, and data plans.

T-Mobile is renowned for its expansive 4G LTE and 5G network coverage and its creative and affordable pricing schemes. The company also sells various gadgets, including mobile hotspots, tablets, and smartphones.

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But like any other modern device or service, users could face troubles when using T-Mobile products on their mobile phones, such as error codes 213, 101, or REG90.

What do these T-Mobile error codes mean? 

An issue with your SIM card or cellular network connection as well as home network connectivity issues is typically indicated by T-Mobile error codes 213, 101, or REG90.

  • T-Mobile Error Code 213 is an error message that signifies a blocked T-Mobile account for the user. Usually, unpaid bills or a breach of T-Mobile’s terms of service are to blame for this error. It might also be brought on by a problem with the user’s SIM card or gadget. The user can have trouble accessing data services or placing calls when this issue happens. It’s critical to call T-Mobile customer service right once to address this problem.
  • T-Mobile Error Code 101 usually means that your location is experiencing a temporary network problem or maintenance, causing your device to lose access to the T-Mobile network. This may also occur if there is a problem with your T-Mobile SIM card or account.
  • T-Mobile Error Code REG90 happens when the SIM card may not function properly, or the device may not be authorized to access the network. This error can occur when the device is incompatible with T-Mobile’s network or the SIM card is not correctly inserted or activated. It may also happen due to problems with the network configuration or the device’s settings.

How do you fix errors 213, 101 or REG90 service connectivity issues on T-Mobile?

Try the steps listed below to resolve these issues on your mobile phone when connecting to the T-Mobile cellular network:

Restart your device

Sometimes, a quick restart of your device will solve the problem. Your network ]connection may need to be refreshed, which could fix the problem.

Check for network outages

 T-Mobile occasionally has network interruptions that may result in connectivity problems. To find out if any network outages or maintenance are happening in your area, check the T-Mobile website or contact T-Mobile support.

Check your network coverage

Verify that you are in a location with adequate network coverage. If there have been any reported outages or problems in your area, you may check T-Mobile’s coverage map.

Check your account and SIM card

Ensure that your SIM card is correctly activated and installed on your device and that your account is in good standing. To ensure a proper connection, take it out, gently wipe it with a clean cloth, and then reinsert the SIM card. 

Verify network settings

Verify that the network settings on your device are appropriately configured. Try returning your network settings to their default positions to see if it fixes the problem.

Reset network settings

Reset the network settings on your device to their default settings.

Check your account status

Check to see if your T-Mobile account is open and functioning. To check your account’s status and ensure it is current, you can log into your account on the T-Mobile website or mobile app.

Check for updates

Make sure the software on your phone is current. In the settings menu of your phone, look for any available updates.

Contact T-Mobile support

Contact T-Mobile customer service for more help if none of the previous methods are successful. They can offer further options and assist in troubleshooting the problem.

A network or system issue with T-Mobile could be a mistake. Once T-Mobile fixes the issue on its end, the situation in this instance should improve.

Without all the errors and issues, the popular wireless mobile service provider T-Mobile is all fun and games as it provides various mobile device services and plans, including inexpensive rates, unlimited data, global roaming, and other features that users could find intriguing.

Additionally, it provides several perks and advantages, including rewards programs, hotel and event discounts, and free streaming services.

Ultimately, each person’s needs, tastes, and experiences with the service will determine whether or not T-Mobile is enjoyable. Hopefully, one of the fixes help you with the error you are experiencing.



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