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How to Use Netflix Screen Lock Button Feature on Android



Great news to all Android users! Netflix offers a new Screen Lock Button feature that will help you avoid accidentally tapping on your screen while watching your favorite shows and movies.


That’s right! If you ever experienced tapping a button in the middle of a show and messed up your playback, Netflix now has a solution for you. The Screen Lock Button Feature will lock your screen to prevent interruptions when watching Netflix.

The new feature is ideal for those who are watching Netflix on their mobile phones. Even when you move around, accidentally tapping a button on your screen will not disrupt the show streaming on your device. The new screen lock will lock out all media controls on your Netflix app.

How Does the Screen Lock Button Work?

You can see the screen lock option at the bottom of your screen. After selecting a movie or a show on Netflix, the option will appear at the bottom. Once you tap on the button, it will lock the entire UI as well as the media controls like the Play/Pause button. This will give you hours of uninterrupted streaming even when you have to move a lot.

Netflix Screen Lock Button Feature on Android
Screenshot by Windowsdispatch.com

When you want to unlock the UI and enable the media control, you simply tap the screen twice and the Screen Locked button will appear. Tap the button again to unlock.

However, keep in mind that system gestures are still enabled. You can still swipe to go back even when the Screen Lock is enabled.

Watching Netflix on the phone gives you convenience and access to your favorite series and movies anytime and anywhere. But, it can be frustrating if interrupted by a few accidental taps. The new Screen Lock feature will make it a lot easier for you to stream your shows.

Will you be using the Netflix Screen Lock Button? Tell us in the comments below.



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