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How to Fix TikTok Unstable Internet Connection Network Issue



TikTok is a widely spread social media platform. It is an accessible form of media that many people use.

Users can connect while posting videos and music. The hundreds of millions of users on TikTok can lead to network issues. And there are reasons behind it.

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Why does a Network Error Appear on TikTok?

For instance, a shaky network, accumulated garbage files full of needless data, momentary bugs, and other glitches. The restriction on the current location and incorrect APN configuration of the app may also be to blame.

Best Ways to Troubleshoot Internet Connection Issue on TikTok

Regardless of your device, this error may display, which could be frustrating. We could offer a way to fix this TikTok error if there is a reason for this.

Check your Network Connection

Switch to another network to see if your router is the problem. Refresh your WiFi by restarting your router.

Run a speed test to ensure you have a stable internet connection. You can also switch your connection to mobile data if it’s coming from your service provider or because of your location. 

Try Using Another App to Check if it Loads

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If it loads, then your connection is not the problem. There may be issues with the TikTok app itself. However, if it does not load, it may be a network error.

Check for Possible Wrong APN Configuration 

If you have the wrong APN, the information used by cellular networks to connect to your phone and the internet, you better change it. You can contact your service provider for support, or you can also fix this by yourself. 

  • Go to settings.
  • Tap Cellular/Network and Internet.
  • Then select Cellular Data Options/Advanced.
  • And choose Cellular Network/Access Point names.
  • Or if you are using a data connection.
  • Tap Mobile data/Mobile network.
  • Select Mobile Data Options.
  • And go to the Mobile Data Network.
  • Then locate the APN and enter the correct information to change it. 

Check the TikTok Server Status

You can do this by going to DownDetector or TikTok support. Try also to check Twitter to see if users are having trouble because of the server. However, if the server is down, patiently wait until they return it.

Restart your TikTok App

Forced-close TikTok and open it again. This way might fix the bugs and glitches.

Check for TikTok’s Software Update

If you see any pending updates, quickly update your app, which may resolve the issue. 

Clear the TikTok App’s Cache 

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There might be unnecessary data or corrupted files interfering with TikTok. Fix this by deleting the app’s cache on settings. Or simply uninstalling TikTok to erase all data and install it again.

Ensure your Device Operating System is Updated

If your TikTok app is updated but not your device or vice versa, it could cause a problem. So install any available updates and try again. 

Reboot your Device 

To ensure the above fixes work, restart your phone and try loading TikTok again. 

Consider Using a VPN Service

If you still do not have a VPN, try one, which might help with the error. If the error comes from a restricted location, your VPN could help you connect to a different location.

Here are some of the free VPN services you can use:

However, if you already use a VPN, try disabling it to check if it resolves the issue. 

Troubleshoot your Web Browser

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  • Reload your browser to refresh it.
  • Try another browser.
  • Check for updates.
  • And remember to clear your browsing data: Menu> Full browser settings> Advanced> Clear browsing data. Be careful of deleting your essential data. Make sure it is backed up when you clear it.

Contact Tiktok Customer Support 

This would be your last opportunity if none of the above fixes worked. The problem you are experiencing might not be addressable on your own. You can contact Tiktok via Twitter or their help page. But first, ensure that you are prepared with the necessary information, such as your device model and the error message.

There are several ways that you can try doing to fix the network error on TikTok. Follow each of the solutions above and check if it works.



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