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How to Fix Alexa Error I’m Having Trouble Connecting to the Internet



Are you having trouble getting Alexa to connect to the Internet? Don’t worry! You are not alone. Many people have encountered this issue with their Amazon Echo devices, and there is a solution for it.

In this article, we will discuss step-by-step instructions on how to troubleshoot your Amazon device and get Alexa back online in no time.

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Check Your Wi-Fi Connection to Fix Amazon Alexa Connectivity Issue

The most common cause of Alexa’s internet connection problems is a weak Wi-Fi signal.

  • To ensure you are getting a strong connection, please confirm that your router is in close proximity to your Echo device and that it has a few bars of signal.
  • Additionally, double-check that the correct password was entered when attempting to connect Alexa to the network.

Update the Firmware On Your Router

If your wireless connection is strong, but you’re still having trouble connecting Alexa to the Internet, then try updating your router’s firmware. 

Outdated firmware can interfere with the performance of devices like Alexa, so ensuring the most recent version is installed can help alleviate these issues.

Change Your 2.4 Ghz Frequency Channel on your Router

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In some cases, changing the frequency channel to 2.4 GHz can help improve Alexa’s connectivity troubles as well. Many routers have unsecured frequencies, which could create an issue if you’re running multiple wireless devices in the same household, such as phones and laptops, or even neighboring Wi-Fi networks from nearby homes or businesses that overlap with yours in their own frequency range.

Therefore, research what channels are best for your area and adjust accordingly. Many routers will allow for user selection over this setting today versus default assignment when initialized for the first time out of the box (which goes one step further than the basics of just making sure already assigned channels are “free” but another way if interference persists).

Re-Arrange Other Appliances near Your Router

This solution may appear strange, but appliances placed too close to routers, such as microwaves. It can disrupt a stable connection, resulting in poor or unreliable performance from connected devices such as Echo products, even when initially set up successfully.

Moving them further away should do the trick if this is the case, but more involved methods may need to be considered via the following section.

Contact the ISP Support Team (if all else fails)

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In extreme cases where other solutions fail, contacting an Internet Service Provider support team for assistance may be required (and definitely recommended before giving up due to the mere presence of sensors within the router itself, normally being able to diagnose problems of this sort).

It’s also possible that any external online equipment or cables are causing interference and need to be unplugged when the computer is restarted if the solutions above don’t work.

This includes power strips and MultiSwitch devices that let you connect multiple remote sources without having to touch each one individually every time you want to change something. So, before calling someone to fix the problem on-site, ask the company about these other possibilities.

We hope this tutorial helps! You can let us know by dropping us a comment below.



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