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How to Fix Zoom 403 Forbidden Error



One of the most popular video conferencing services these days is Zoom. Users have verified the convenience and efficacy in using this platform to connect with their friends, families, and co-workers face-to-face while at home.

However, some users encounter an error when they try to join a Zoom meeting or try to download a video call recording. If you see a Zoom 403 Forbidden Error, check out the steps below on how you can fix the problem.

The reason why you are seeing the 403 Forbidden Error is because of Zoom’s efforts to improve their system, especially with their users’ privacy and safety. These maintenance improvements trigger the error and you will see the status Under Maintenance.

How to Troubleshoot and Fix Zoom 403 Forbidden Error

Use the Zoom Desktop Client

Since the error is with the web client of Zoom, you can still use the dedicated desktop clients for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. Download these apps on the App Store or Google Play Store so you can still join your Zoom meeting.

  • To join a meeting via the Zoom app, sign in to your account when launching the Zoom app.
  • Click the Join button.
  • Type in your Meeting ID. You can also enter your personal link name. Check the box Turn off my video if you do not want to start your video upon entering. The same works with Do not connect to audio.
  • Next, enter your password.

Verify Zoom Status

If you want to check if your web client is still under Operation, you can check the status at status.zoom.us. Click Zoom Website to open drop-down menu and look for Web Client. Check if the status is Operational or Under Maintenance.

That’s it! Despite the error with your Zoom web client, you still have another option not to miss an important conference meeting with your friends or co-workers.

How is your experience with Zoom conference calls so far? Share your story with us in the comments below.


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