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How do you Make a Video Call in Slack



Video calling is turning into a trend as more people find it effective to communicate remotely. With Slack, you can easily gather your team for a video conference just like initiating a voice call. Slack is more than your collaboration hub online.

Apart from providing an online platform for teams, it is now possible to start a video call within the Slack app.

Slack users do not need to go out of the platform to set up a video meeting. Now, instead of using external video calling services like Google Meet and Zoom, users can easily jump on a video meeting and share invite links directly right within Slack.

With the video calling feature on Slack, users can collaborate better in real-time. They can use the calls emoji response features, which allows users to ask a question, thank the people, or show their approval but click the different emojis.

Anyone with a paid plan can even make group calls for up to 15 people.

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How to Start a Video Conference Call in Slack

  • Open the Slack app.
  • Look for the person you want to have a video chat with and open a Direct Message.
  • Next, look for the Call button or the phone icon and click to start a call.
  • Slack will then send the request video chat to the other users. When asked for microphone or video camera access, click OK for both.
  • If your receiver accepts the call and allow microphone and video access, their video will appear on the screen.
  • If you want to use a different app other than Slack, your video chat will become a smaller window and overall on the app. You can put it anywhere on the screen using your mouse.
  • To access the control buttons, hover your mouse over to the video window. You can also invite more people and access Settings at the top left corner. In the Settings, you can change the settings of your speaker, camera, and microphone.
  • Go over to the bottom of the screen and you will see other control buttons like Send a Reaction, Share Screen, Video On/Off, Hang Up, and Mute Microphone On/Off.
  • The Smiley Face icon or the Reactions button enables you to add emojis on the chat.

Using video calls and conferences bring together an effective communication tool when you want to talk to your teammates face to face. What do you think of Slack’s video call feature? Tell us in the comments below.


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