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How to Fix VIP Mailbox Shows All Mails from Inbox Not Just VIPs on iPhone or Mac



Is your VIP mailbox broken? Are you seeing every email from your inbox popping up there too? We feel your pain.

Dealing with a haywire VIP box is no fun. But don’t worry – you can get it back on track! This handy guide will walk you through everything you need to do. We’ll have that VIP mailbox cleaned up in no time.

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What is VIP Mailbox on iPhone or Mac?

Your VIP mailbox is meant to collect only mail from your designated “Very Important Persons”. These are folks you want to hear from ASAP.

But when your VIP box starts grabbing all mail, it defeats the purpose.

Every ding makes you think it’s your boss or bestie. Nope, just more clutter and nonsense. What a letdown!

This problem usually boils down to a simple mix-up. Your Mail app needs a little troubleshooting and TLC.

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Resolving VIP Mailbox Shows All Mails from Inbox Not Just VIPs on iPhone or Mac Issue

With a few tweaks, you’ll have it functioning properly again. No more bogus VIP alerts or checking it compulsively. Time to fix this once and for all!

Shut the VIP Mailbox Down Temporarily on iPhone or Mac

First things first – deactivate that wacky VIP box for a bit. Here’s how:

  • Open the Mail app and go to your mailbox list
  • Tap “Edit” at the top
  • Uncheck the box next to VIP to disable it
  • Give it a couple hours’ time-out

Let your Mail app rest and regroup. This pause clears out any stuck settings causing the issue.

Customize Your VIP Mailbox Settings

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While you’re at it, tweak your VIP mailbox settings. Make sure you get notifications for real VIP mail.

  • Go to Mail Preferences > General tab.
  • Check that “New message notifications” are enabled for VIP senders.

Now important messages will properly ping your phone or desktop. No more mix-ups!

Review Your Real VIP List on iPhone or Mac

Now make 100% sure your true VIPs are marked properly.

  • Open Contacts and check each one.
  • See that “VIP” toggle? It needs to be ON only for your essential people.
  • Go through and remove anyone who shouldn’t be there.
  • Take a few minutes to curate this list thoughtfully. You’ll be glad you did!

Reactivate Your VIP Mailbox on iPhone or Mac

The time-out is over – go back and switch that VIP mailbox back on.

  • Open Mail, hit Edit, and recheck it.
  • Give your Mail app a little time to update.
  • Then see if those VIP-only alerts are working!

How do I Add a Contact as a VIP on iPhone or Mac?

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Open Contacts, select their name, and turn on the VIP toggle.

Can I Create VIP Groups by Label on iPhone or Mac?

Yes! Make a new label like “VIPs – Family” and add certain contacts to it.

What’s the Difference between VIP and Favorite Mailboxes?

VIP is for important senders. Favorites hold specific folders you access frequently.

How Many VIPs can I Have on my iPhone or Mac?

No preset limit! Add as many as you want. But keep it to truly essential people.

Hope this helps! Let us know if you have any other questions.

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