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How to Get Meeting Attendance Report on Google Meet for G Suite



Setting up a video conference is ideal if you want to host an online class or meeting. You can all meet online without leaving the comforts of your homes. Plus, you can invite many participants in one conference call.

Many employers and educators are maximizing the solution, so that they can keep track of their employees or students. Video conferencing is real time, and it is a better way to see each other everyday. However, it is difficult to keep track of who are present in a meeting if you are hosting a conference call for a big group.

Checking your participants’ attendance can help you identify who attended the meeting and who were not available. Google Meet may not have that feature before hence hosts are looking for third-party tools to help them check attendance.

How to Take Meeting Attendance Report on Google Meet with No Extensions Needed

Credit: Google

Recently, Google announced that it is adding a new feature in Google Meet. Now, you can receive an attendance report for your video conferencing sessions. Google Meet will log the attendance both for web-based and mobile meetings, which ranges from five to two hundred fifty possible attendees per meeting. It will be helpful for hosts who wanted to know who attended and for how long they have stayed during the meeting.

The attendance report will be sent via email after the meeting is over. It will contain the following details:

  • Participant’s name
  • Participant’s Email
  • The length of time the participant joined the meeting

Limitations of Google Meet’s Meeting Attendance Report Feature

Credit: Google

Unfortunately, not everyone will get to enjoy the new meeting attendance report feature. according to Google, it is only available to the premium tier of the G Suite for Education, which is the G Suite Enterprise for Education account. Other free suite accounts do not have access to the feature.

Google also said in the recent updates that it is temporarily pausing the rollout of this feature since the performance is still being evaluated. Nevertheless, it is good news to know that Google is making a way to keep its video conferencing platform easier and convenient to use for all users. If you are a free user, all you have to do is wait for further announcements.

What are your thoughts about the Google Meet meeting attendance report? Let us know in the comments below.



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