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How to Use “What Should I Watch” Feature on Sky Q TV



Streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu, Apple TV+, Peacock, and more are giving their users hundreds of content to binge-watch at any time. Titles range from different genres, and more contents are available almost every week.

But, with endless movies and shows to watch on your streaming service, sometimes, it becomes too difficult to choose what to watch. Scrolling takes forever, and you end up watching the same shows all over again.

The new Sky Q TV is offering its users a better solution for content discovery to enhance their streaming experience. If you run out of ideas about what TV series or films to watch, Sky Q will give you more recommendations. All you have to do is ask, “What Should I Watch?” using your voice on the remote control.

Credit: Sky

Sky Q is a subscription-based TV entertainment by one of the largest television providers in the UK, Sky. It comes with the set-top-box devices, where users have different options to choose from, such as the 2TB Sky Q, the Sky Q 1TB box, and the Sky Q Mini box.

The Sky Q TV boxes are replacing the Sky+ or Sky+ HD boxes. Sky aims to provide its subscribers more features that will create a better streaming experience. The Sky Q TV is compact and more reliable. The awesome feature “What should I watch?” is something other streaming service providers should adapt from Sky Q TV for better content discovery.

How Does the “What Should I Watch?” Suggestions Work on Sky Q TV?

Credit: Sky

Each Sky Q TV box set comes with a voice search remote control that will enable you to say commands. To use the “What should I watch?” feature, all you have to do is say the phrase on your remote, and Sky Q TV will direct you to recommendations based on your preferences.

Sky Q TV will use your previous streaming history to give you a personalized suggestion list. It will check everything you have watched before, even from other streaming services. Your suggestion list will be segregated into:

  • Because You Watched
  • Continue Watching
  • Popular on Netflix
  • Popular on Disney+
  • More Favorites
  • New Series for You, etc.

With Sky Q TV, you can check out original shows and movies, watch live sporting events, see on-demand content, and enjoy 4K titles.

Are you excited to use the “What Should I Watch” feature on your Sky Q TV? You can give us a list of movies suggested by Sky Q in the comments below.



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