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How to Fix Can’t Load or Display Images Issue in Microsoft Teams Chat



Microsoft Teams is a popular collaboration tool for organizations, companies as well schools. Whether people are working from home or in the office, MS Teams is a reliable choice for collaborating with co-workers and teammates. Users can communicate through chat on the platform either directly to another person or through a team chat.

As part of working as a team, sharing files and documents through chat is common. Luckily, Microsoft Teams support sharing of files include images in PNG, JPG, JPEG, or GIF format.

The problem comes in when some users are complaining about the image thumbnails are not visible, not showing or displaying in chat threads. They just can’t view the images shared with them through the channel. If you experience the same issue, we will give you some troubleshooting tips and techniques to help you fix the problem.

How to Fix Images are Not Loading or Displaying in Microsoft Teams Chat on Windows 10


Solution #1 – Check Microsoft Teams Server Issues

To rule out issues that are out of your hands, you need to check the Microsoft Teams service status first. Sometimes there are scheduled and non-scheduled downtimes that can cause issues such as unable to load images.

To check the Microsoft Teams server status, you can use services like DownDetector.com or IsitDownRightNow.com. Just go to their website and check on service status. You can also monitor Microsoft’s official social media channels for possible announcements on issues that might affect you.

If everything is working fine and you still can’t load your Microsoft Teams chat images, proceed to the next method.

Solution #2 – Use MS Teams Web App

If you are experiencing the issue on PC using the desktop app, you can try and use the Microsoft Teams web client.

  • Launch¬†https://teams.microsoft.com/¬†on any browser on your Windows 10 computer.
  • Now, sign in to your MS Teams account if you have not done so.
  • Go to the chat message in question and check if the images load.

Solution #3 – Use Task Manager to End the Microsoft Teams App Processes


If the issue is persistent, you might need to terminate the Microsoft Teams app using the Windows Task Manager function. Sometimes, the app and its processes may still be running in the background even after closing its window which can cause various problems.

  • Launch the Task Manager from the Start menu or simply press the CTRL + SHIFT + ESC keyboard combination shortcut.
  • Go to the Process tab and type “Microsoft Teams” to highlight every running process related to the service.
  • Now, right-click on the specific process and select “End Task” to terminate the service.
  • Launch Microsoft Teams again and see if the image issue is gone.

Solution #4 – Access Microsoft Teams Web App using Another Browser

If the issue appears on the Microsoft Teams web interface, you can try to switch browsers and see if the issue goes away. Microsoft’s own chromium-based Edge browser should be on the top of your list, however, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and even Brave or Opera can run Microsoft Teams well. Try to open the website on any of your available browsers to rule out any browser-related compatibility issues.

Solution #5 – Clear Microsoft Teams Cache on PC and Browser

Certain issues like this can easily be due to caching problems.

How to Delete Microsoft Teams Desktop App Cache on Windows 10

  • Quit the Teams app.
  • Launch the File Explorer and click on the location bar.
  • Copy and paste this file path to go directly to the Teams program files:
    • %appdata%\Microsoft\teams
  • Now, to clear the Teams app cache, open each of these folders and delete the files they contain:
    • Cache
    • blob_storage
    • databases
    • GPUCache
    • IndexedDB
    • Local Storage
    • tmp
  • Open the Teams app again and check.

How to Clear Microsoft Teams Browser Cache

Screenshot: Windows Dispatch

You can easily delete the cache and cookies associated with Microsoft Teams on any browser you are using to access the service. Here’s how to do it in the Microsoft Edge browser.

  • Go to edge://settings/content.
  • Select “Manage and delete cookies and site data”.
  • Click on “See all cookies and site data”.
  • Now, type “teams” on the search bar to display the site data stored on your browser related to Microsoft Teams.
  • Click on the arrow and hit the trash button to clear Teams cookies.
  • To clear the cached images on Edge browser, go to edge://settings/privacy.
  • Under “Clear browsing data” click on “Choose What to Clear”.
  • Uncheck everything else except for “Cached images and files” and click “Clear Now”.

Were you able to fix the image not loading issue on Microsoft Teams chat? Let us know which one worked so other users can try them too.



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