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How to Reset App Volume and Device Preferences in Windows 10



Windows 10 supports playback of multiple audio streams based on individual applications. This means that if you have speakers and headphones, you can choose which ones to use depending on the application and adjust the playback volume for each of them.

So let’s say you’re watching online content in Firefox with headphones while the speakers are being used for PC gaming, you can customize it without having to switch between the two sources manually.

Windows 10 saves these settings and automatically changes the audio output device. This is a useful feature that you should have if you want to do more than one task at a time, and you don’t need to remember to connect speakers/headphones depending on your use.

This new “App Volume and Device Preferences” section works just like the old Volume Mixer, allowing you to adjust the volume for individual applications. However, you will never be able to select audio devices for your apps with the Volume Mixer.

The old Volume Mixer tool is still included in Windows 10 – right-click the speaker icon in the notification section and select Open Volume Mixer to open it.

How to Reset App Volume and Device Preferences in Windows 10

The reason you may want to reset this feature is because it can be pretty annoying. You have set them to a lower level, consciously or unconsciously, and now you want them to return to their default values. Follow these steps to reset your application volume and device preferences to their defaults.

  1. Open the Windows settings using WIN + I.
  2. Go to System > Sound.
  3. Under Advanced Sound options, select App Volume and Device Preferences.
  4. The next screen displays a list of applications with sound settings.
  5. Master volume, where you can select Output and Input.
  6. Individual applications with volume, output and input.
  7. To reset all applications and device settings, press the Reset button at the end. If you do this, Windows will reset it to its default value. The screen will be refreshed for a second and it should appear again.

If you have problems with a particular application, you can change the volume individually rather than reset it.

Also, if an app is not displayed on the list, you may need to start it first and start playing or recording. You can only change or adjust the volume and settings of the device when it is open. This way, you can pre-configure the sound settings for all applications, if you like.

You may need to close and reopen the application to apply the changes. However, Windows remembers the volume and audio devices assigned to the individual applications and automatically applies them when you start the app again.

Alternative Solution

You can also right-click on the speaker icon in the notification area and use the volume mixer to perform the same task, but it is recommended that you use the Settings application because Windows 10 will completely eliminate the Control Panel from the system.


By using this guide, you can easily reset the audio output for any Windows 10 apps. This method can be used to create separate inputs and outputs for each application. Let us know in the comments below, if you have successfully reset the App Volume and Device Preferences in your computer.



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