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Fix Instagram Threads App Crashing when Posting or Uploading Image on iPhone Issue



Instagram’s Threads app is one of the newest additions to the growing reach of Meta. With this app, you can share text updates and participate in public conversations.

After logging in to using your Instagram account, you can share posts with 500 characters with photos, links, and 5-minute videos included. However, several avid users of the Threads app have noted how it tends to crash every time they upload an image on their iPhones.

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Are you having the same issue? If yes, check out the following possible fixes for this problem.

Tips to Resolve Threads App Crashing when Uploading Image on iPhone

Here are the solutions on how you can resolve the crashing issue on the Threads app.

Clear Threads App Cache

Cache files of your Threads app can accumulate after some time, affecting its overall performance. Clearing the app cache can help get rid of these unwanted crashes as well as other similar issues.

  • To do this on your iPhone, proceed to the Settings app.
  • Scroll down and click Threads on the list of the apps installed on your device.
  • Choose Delete App or Offload App.
  • Confirm your action and wait as the app uninstalls or offloads.
  • Install the Threads app again from the App Store and see if it no longer crashes.

Copy and Paste the Attachment on the Threads App

One more thing you can do is to just attach the photos to your post if the Threads app constantly crashes. The good old trick of copy and paste will never leave you disappointed.

  • Go to the specific photo you like to attach.
  • Click the Share icon and choose Copy the attachment.
  • Open the Threads app and then Create a new post.
  • Paste the photo into the thread itself.

Downgrade to a Stable iOS Version

Image credit: Apple

If the idea of copy-pasting is too much for you to handle, traveling down memory lane is your next best option. Despite the exclusive new features that come with beta versions to improve user experience, they are more prone to errors and bugs, including Threads app crashes.

Although the problem might seem tricky at first, you can still do something about it. All you have to do is downgrade your device to the previous stable operating system to improve the compatibility of the Threads app with it.

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Update Your Threads App

Most of the time, outdated versions of apps can result in crashes because of compatibility issues.

To ensure stability and optimal performance, see to it that you update your Threads app to the latest version. Updating your Threads app can address most glitches or bugs and ensure a smoother experience every time you upload images.

Force Quit Threads App

Go to the Threads app and then force quit it before you decide to take more extreme actions of fixing the crashes.

Check Your Network Connection

See to it that you are connected to a reliable and strong internet connection, whether it is mobile data or wifi.

Log Out and Log Back Into Threads App

Image credit: Instagram

If your Threads app crashes and acts out, try to log out of the account first. Wait for a few minutes before you log back in again.

Don’t let those crashes stop you from making the most out of your Threads app. Follow the tips above and start posting and sharing once again!

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