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How to Find Virtual Concerts by your Favorite Artists on Spotify



Are you missing live concerts lately? Do you wish to see your favorite artists perform live? Are you searching for new artists and want to listen to their songs? If you say yes to at least one of these questions, Spotify for Artists has the solution for you.

Now, anyone can find and watch virtual concerts by their favorite artists through Spotify. Many artists have used the integrated online platform and the music streaming services to reach out to their fans and bring events to their devices. They perform through virtual concerts on different platforms.

A lot of fans are missing out on many concerts because it is hard to learn about them. You will need to search for updates to know the next virtual performances. With Spotify for Artists, you can be updated with what is going on with your favorite artists.

Spotify for Artists will make it easier for you to be in the loop with the virtual events hosted by different artists. Check out the event listings on the artist’s Spotify profiles or the Concerts hub. This new feature is in partnership with Songkick and Ticketmaster. Songkick will get these concerts listed with several events in Ticketmaster on the list. The virtual concerts will be held on online platforms like YouTube Live, Twitch, Instagram, or any other website.

Find the Next Virtual Concert Hosted by your Favorite Artists on Spotify

If you want to find the next virtual concert, you can search for your favorite artist on Spotify. Open their profile and click the “On Tour” section. The performances and schedules will be posted there.

Another way is to go to the Concerts hub. You can find it under Browse or Search on Spotify. The event listing is available. You may also search through the search bar. Type Concerts and a list of upcoming events will appear. Spotify will also send you an email on the next online events based on the music you love.

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