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How to Clear Cache and Cookies in Samsung Galaxy Browser



If you are using any Samsung Galaxy smartphone devices, you may have come across the Samsung Internet browser app. It is the default web browser used in Galaxy devices and has a variety of features to make Internet browsing smoother and more reliable.

Many users love to browse anything that they can tap their hands into. But, there are times when you do not want others to know what you are searching for. If that is the case, you might want to delete the browsing data on your Samsung Internet App.

Reasons Why You Need to Clear Cookies and Data from Samsung Internet Browser


As stated above, maintaining your privacy is important when browsing the Internet. Other people who may borrow your device will be able to see your previous browsing activities when they check your History.

Clearing the cookies can also delete anything related to what you have browsed previously. The cookies in your browser are used to determine the ads and related information, so the next time you open the browser or search for something, related data of your past browsing comes up.

In most cases, clearing the cache, cookies and browsing history will make loading web pages faster. If some websites failed to load properly, clearing the cookies can help.

Clear Cache and Data on Samsung Internet App on Galaxy Devices

Clearing the cache, cookies and browsing data is easily done in your Samsung Internet browser.

  1. Launch your Samsung Internet browser.
  2. At the bottom right of the screen, tap the Menu or the three-lined icon.
  3. Navigate to the Settings.
  4. Under the Advanced option, tap Privacy & Security.
  5. Look for the Personal Data option and tap Delete browsing data.
  6. You can now choose what you want to delete from your browsing data. You can tap the browsing history, cache, and cookies.
  7. Tap Delete.

It is that easy! Follow the steps above, and you can clear data in your Samsung Internet browser app, as well as your cache and history. Now, you can be more secured with your privacy when you share your device with other people.

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