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What is Google Password Checkup and How to Use It



Passwords give our online accounts security against threats and frauds. However, there are instances when user account information are breached, and thereby putting us in a compromised situation and become vulnerable to attacks. Google offers a solution that will help users know if their passwords have been affected by a breach. This is where Google Password Checkup comes in.

What is Google Password Checkup?


If your username and password happens to be compromised online, using it again will no longer be safe. Installing Google Password Checkup will help you expand your knowledge regarding the safety of your account information. You can easily install it in Chrome browser and you will receive alerts once urgent action is necessary.

With the Google Password Checkup installed in your computer, you can securely modify your password to prevent compromises. It will check the strength of all your saved passwords so you can change them if necessary. You will also receive recommendations based on the alerts you received.

How Does Password Checkup Work

Once you have Password Checkup installed, it will give you alerts in different suspicious and breached activities concerning your password. Password Checkup will inform you if your password has been exposed because of a third-party breach. It will also notify you once your password has been reused in diffeent websites. You will also be notified if the password you are using is weak.

Cyber attackers prey on weak and compromised passwords because it is easy for them to access these accounts. Using the tool, you will be able to strengthen and secure your passwords from these unwanted access. You can also manage your saved passwords since the manager tool is built in with your Google Account.

Added in the feature is checking passwords if these have been breached or compormised. Once alerted in their search, users will be notify to reset their passwords.

How to Use Google Password Checkup

There are two ways on how you can use the Google Password Checkup. You can install it as an extension to Chrome for you to access the password manager even to non-Google websites. Aside from securing your credentials in your Google account, you can also do so with other websites via the extension.

Another way is to access the Password Checkup online. Through the website, you can check all of your saved passwords.

Via the Google Extension

  • Open Chrome.
  • Go to the Chrome web store and search for the Password Checkup Extension.
  • Click on Add to Chrome and download the extension.
  • A pop-up window will appear for verification. Click Add extension.
  • Wait for the process to finish. Once done, you will see the icon on your toolbar.
  • Click on the toolbar to see results of the password analysis.
  • Go to chrome://flags/#password-leak-detection.
  • Beside the Password Leak Detection, choose enabled among the drop-down menu.
  • Click Relaunch and restart your browser. It will enable a Chrome flag that will alert you once it detected a breached password.

Via Website

  • Open Chrome. Type the url https://passwords.google.com/ to open the Password Checkup online.
  • Look for the Check Passwords option and click.
  • Make sure to remove any passphrase that you use to encrypt your password for you to continue your access.
  • Once removed, click Check Passwords.
  • You will need to verify if it is you. Type in your Google account password and click Next.
  • Google will analyze your saved passwords. Once done, the page will display results of the analysis, if there are compromised, reused, or weak passwords.
  • A warning will appear next to the results that need fixing. Click on the down arrow to open more option.
  • Check the recommended actions. If needed to change password, click on Change Passwords.
  • Reset your password immediately.


Securing your password is important to prevent any unwanted access to your accounts. Google Password Checkup is one way to make sure your accounts are protected always. Leave us a comment below if the procedures work for you.



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