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How to Install Firmware Updates on Arlo Base Station Manually



To make sure that your Arlo devices are up to speed with the newest features and security advancements, you must update the firmware on your Arlo Base Station.

You can follow the general instructions in this article to upgrade your Arlo Base Station firmware, but keep in mind that the exact steps will depend on your model and the Arlo Secure App or Arlo web interface version you are using.

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Steps to Manually Install Arlo Base Station Firmware Updates

For the most precise and recent information, it is always advisable to consult the official instructions offered by Arlo.

Launch the Arlo Secure App or log in to my.arlo.com

You must either access Arlo Secure App on your mobile device or go to my.arlo.com in a web browser to start the upgrade process. Confirm that the app is current and correctly installed on your device.

Go to Settings > My Devices

After successfully signing in to the Arlo Secure App or my.arlo.com, go to the settings menu and choose “My Devices.” You will receive a thorough list of all the Arlo devices linked to your account from this.

Select Arlo Base Station to Update

Locate and select the Arlo Base Station you want to upgrade from the list of devices that appears. To guarantee that the update is applied to the intended device, it is crucial to choose the correct Base Station.

Tap on Device Info > Firmware > Update

You can choose from a number of parameters pertaining to your Arlo Base Station in the device settings. Find the “Device Info” section, select “Firmware,” and then choose “Update.”

This action will instigate your Arlo base station’s firmware update process.

Do Not Interrupt the Update Process

Once the update process begins, it’s critical to not stop before it is finished. It is advised not to remove the battery or open the battery door while updating.

The firmware update will go smoothly and successfully if you let the procedure run its course without interruption.

LED Indicators during the Arlo Base Station Firmware Update

You’ll see LED indicators on your Arlo Base Station while the firmware is downloading. During the downloading process, the camera’s LED will cycle between blue and amber blinks.

The LED will briefly go dark upon download completion when the camera downloads firmware. Finally, the LED may rapidly flicker in blue to show that the update procedure has been successful when it does so.

Verify Camera Synchronization on Arlo Base Station

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It’s crucial to confirm that your Arlo cameras are in sync with the SmartHub or Base Station after the firmware update.

Before you think about turning off or disconnecting any Arlo devices, wait for the Arlo cameras to show up and be visible in the Devices feed. After the firmware upgrade, this step verifies that your cameras are correctly linked and operational.

To update the firmware on your Arlo base station, follow the general guidelines outlined above. The procedure may differ slightly depending on your individual model and the Arlo Secure App or Arlo web interface version you are using.

For the most current and recent information regarding the firmware upgrade of your specific Arlo Base Station model, it is always advisable to refer to the official instructions published by Arlo. To get the most out of your Arlo devices’ capabilities and best performance, always use the most recent firmware.



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