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How to Fix Error 9, 10, 30 or 1005 when Updating Sonos Device Firmware



Sonos smart speaker devices have truly revolutionized the experience of listening to music in many households today. Thanks to Sonos, different rooms in your home will get music, whether separately or in unison. Although the brand is no longer the first choice right now, it continues to be a leader in its niche thanks to its exceptional sound quality, functionality, and usability.

While Sonos Bluetooth wireless speakers made it possible to fill up the house will music without restrictions and annoying cables, these devices aren’t free and safe from errors, especially during updates. If you encounter errors 9, 10, 30, or 1005 while updating your smart speaker device software or firmware, it’s important to learn how to fix them as soon as possible.

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How to Troubleshoot & Fix Error 9 During Sonos Device Software Update Problem

Error code 9 appears if there is a problem with downgrading the system firmware of your Sonos device. It happens if the app for Sonos S1 Controller tries updating the device with the Sonos system containing a combination of products that run on S2 and S1 software. To solve the issue, you can downgrade S2 products to S1 or remove S1 products from the system. 

When removing S1 products, you can reset and remove them from the system using a product removal tool. You can then set up the products as a separate S1 Sonos system. 

If you want the Sonos S2 products to be downgraded to S1, simply follow the process and use the S1 app to add them back to the system.

Error 9 also occurs after removing yourself from the Sonos beta program with the Sonos players transitioning back to the general release firmware. When you encounter this error after you left a beta program, you can seek assistance from Sonos Support. 

Fixing Error Code 10 when Updating Sonos Device Software or Firmware


Error 10 shows up if there is a problem with upgrading the system firmware of your Sonos device. It happens if the Sonos S2 app attempts to carry out an update even if the Sonos system still contains a combination of products that run S2 and S1 firmware. 

To fix this issue, simply go to the System tab in the S2 app for products labeled as Incompatible and restore these to their factory settings. You can then set up the products as a separate S1 Sonos system. 

Fix Error Code 30 Sonos Device Software Update Issue


Error code 30 appears if one of the Sonos speaker products attempts but fails in downloading the update file. When this error shows up, the Sonos app will indicate the name of the particular Sonos product facing issues with downloading the software or firmware update

  1. Try the update again at least once more. 
  2. Look for the Sonos product stated in the error message. 
  3. Move near the router and retry the update. 
  4. If the update doesn’t work, use an Ethernet cable to connect your router to your Sonos product and perform the update again in your Sonos app. Unplug the Sonos product from the router after the successful update and put it back in its original spot. 

How to Resolve Issues with Error 1005 when Updating Sonos Smart Speaker Firmware

Error 1005 happens if the Sonos products weren’t able to connect to the network again following an update. Do the following to solve the issue:

  1. Check all the Sonos products and their status lights. If the light is flashing or solid white, proceed to the next steps. 
  2. Move your device near the router if possible and retry the update. 
  3. Reboot all the Sonos products and confirm that all of them appear in the Sonos app before retrying the update. 

Updating your Sonos devices with the latest available firmware version are a must for them to continue working properly. But if the updated software resulted in error codes, don’t hesitate to follow the tips above so your home will be filled with all the songs you love.



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