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How to Add Zoom Calls or Meetings to Google Calendar Event



With different video meetings you have to do in a week, it is important to be organized to keep you stay on the loop. Otherwise, you will end up missing a video call or having two calls at the same time.

Zoom is a popular videoconferencing tool that you can use with your online video meetings if you are working remotely or working from home. Now, you can effectively organize and integrate your Zoom video conferences on your Google Calendar event. You can add, schedule, manage, or even join calls through your Google Calendar.

Add and Make Zoom Calls and Meetings Using Google Calendar


Before you start using your Google Calendar for your Zoom calls, take note that you can download the add-on called Zoom for Suite. You can use it to synchronize your calls and meetings using your Google Calendar desktop or mobile app.

  • Go to gsuite.google.com
  • Search for Zoom for GSuite.
  • Click Install to download the add-on.

Take note that you can only use the Zoom for GSuite add-on using one Google account. You can install it if you are using different Google accounts. Sign in to only one account, where you have installed it.

How to Use Zoom for GSuite Add-on

Via Desktop Google Calendar

  1. Go to your Google Calendar.
  2. On the upper right side, you will see the Zoom icon. Click the icon.
  3. Log in to your Zoom account.
  4. Now, you can start adding your Zoom call to the calendar.
  5. Look for the date of your Zoom call.
  6. Click More Options.
  7. Type the details of your video meeting.
  8. Look for the Add conferencing option.
  9. Click the down arrow and select the Zoom Meeting.
  10. Click Save. Your Zoom call is on your Google Calendar.

Via Google Calendar Mobile App

  1. Launch your Google Calendar mobile app.
  2. Tap Event.
  3. Type the details of your meeting.
  4. Tap the Add Conferencing option.
  5. Select Zoom Meeting.
  6. Tap Save.

What do you think of the Zoom add-on for your Google Calendar? Let us know in the comments below.


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