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How to Fix Pinterest Authorization Failed Sign In Account Issue



Are you having difficulty signing into your Pinterest account? Are you receiving an ‘authorization failed’ error message when trying to sign in? If so, this article will help guide readers through resolving this issue. 

What Causes of Pinterest Authorization Failed Sign-In Error?

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First, there could be issues with the user’s login credentials. For example, if someone enters their username or password incorrectly, they will not gain access to their account. It’s also possible that someone has forgotten either their username or their password, which can prevent them from logging in and accessing their account. 

Additionally, incorrect settings on the device being used to access Pinterest could cause authorization errors when trying to sign in.

Finally, another potential factor causing an authorization failed and you cannot log in to your social account problem could be related to network connectivity problems.

Troubleshooting Authorization Failed Account Problem when Logging in to Pinterest

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#1 Resetting Your Pinterest Password

  1. First, the user must go to the Pinterest website and select ‘Forgot Password’ in the login screen. 
  2. They will then be prompted to enter either their email address or mobile phone number that was used to create their account in order to receive a reset code from Pinterest. 
  3. After receiving this code, it can be entered into the provided field before selecting ‘Continue’.
  4. At this point, users are able to choose a new password for their account that needs to include at least eight characters with one of them being numeric or special characters such as @#$%. 
  5. Once these criteria have been met, simply select ‘Save’ which concludes the resetting of the password process. It is important for users to keep their passwords safe and secure so that similar issues do not occur again in future sign-in attempts.

#2 Verifying Your Pinterest Email

Verifying your Pinterest email is an important step in fixing the Pinterest authorization failed sign-in issue. Coincidentally, it is also a simple process that requires little technical knowledge or effort to complete. 

As such, this final step should be done with care to ensure no further issues arise from incorrect details being provided during verification.

#3 Clearing Your Browser’s Cache And Cookies

Clearing your browser’s cache and cookies is the sixth step in resolving a Pinterest authorization failed sign-in issue. This method can be used to delete all cached data, stored passwords and other site specific settings from web browsers like Edge, Chrome or Firefox. 

It helps refresh the browser environment by restoring certain default values, therefore it should not be overlooked while attempting to fix any technical issues such as this one.

#4 Using A Different Browser To Access Pinterest

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If you have an authorization failed sign in issue on Pinterest, one option to try is using a different browser. This can be helpful if the problem lies with your current browser settings or cookies and caches that cannot be cleared.

In many cases, changing the environment or tool being used can help solve problems that seem unsolvable at first glance. Different web browsers often work differently under certain conditions which make them better suited than others for specific tasks or activities. 

It is always worth exploring different options like this before turning to other methods such as contacting customer support.

We hope these tips help!



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