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Get the new Microsoft 365 Family & Personal Subscriptions



Office 365 consumer subscriptions will have a new brand name. Microsoft recently announced a new brand name along with more features and added experience that Office 365 subscribers will enjoy.

Microsoft 365 is the evolution of Office 365 and will start rolling out to millions of Office 365 subscribers very soon. The new brand name promises new features and apps for the subscription service. However, Microsoft did not add any details as to what and when these added features will be available.

Microsoft 365 formerly Office 365

Microsoft 365 Subscription Plans

With the new Microsoft 365, subscribers can avail of its three plans.

  • Microsoft 365 Family – This is formerly the Office 365 Home and is available at $99.99 per year or 9.99 per month. It includes the premium productivity apps, up to 6 TB cloud storage, and can be shared up to 5 people in the family.
  • Microsoft 365 Personal – Formerly the Office 365 Personal, Microsoft 365 Personal is at $69.99 per year or 6.99 per month. It also includes all the premium productivity apps and 1 TB cloud storage.
  • Office Home & Business 2019 – This is available at a one time purchase of $249.99. It includes the classic productivity apps for your PC or Mac.

Some Additional Features to Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 Personal and Family Subscriptions

Microsoft 365 offers a new experience to its 365 users especially with the coming of the new apps and features included in the package. Microsoft announces the addition of a Microsoft Family Safety app that will enhance safety for family use. Another feature is the Microsoft Teams that will enable groups and families to connect and collaborate. There is also the Money in Excel Apps.

However, there is no definite date yet as to when these new features will roll out.

How to Get Microsoft 365 Family and Personal Subscriptions

You can purchase the Microsoft 365 Family and Personal subscriptions by visiting the official website of Microsoft on your browser. Then, search for Microsoft 365 and you will be directed to its different plans. Select the subscription plan that you want and purchase it.

What do you think of Microsoft 365? Let us know in the comments below.


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